Meditation Drum by David and Steve Gordon Meditation Drum
David & Steve Gordon

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Discover how effortless and pleasurable meditation can be with this serene shamanic drum music for deep meditation. This is an entirely new concept in new age music and world music; for the first time, meditation music has been created with global shamanic drums as the main instrument. With the addition of resonating Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls and gentle Native American Flute, you are gently drawn into a peaceful and nourishing state of inner peace. In the ancient tradition of shamanism, Shamans have used the drum as a powerful tool for going into trance, into their soul center. Like modern day shamans, David & Steve Gordon have been creating shamanic healing music for over 25 years and are renowned for their ability to summon the sacred beat with their shamanic drumming. They have now combined their relaxation music and shamanic drum music into an entirely new kind of meditation music. Listen with your heart open and let the steady beats anchor you to your own center. This is your place of power where you can breathe and be whole.


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 Track Title Time 
1. Kundalini Drum 17:34
2. Shaman Drum 16:03
3. Mantra Drum 17:19
4. Mindfulness Drum 15:57

Release date: May 29, 2009

Published Reviews

New Age Retailer
Unlike previous releases in this label's Drum series, Meditation Drum (with David Gordon and Steve Gordon joined by Kim Atkinson and Bobby Cochran) strives for a slow, sensual and introspective vibe, and the results are overwhelmingly successful. This is a great recording and should provide good accompaniment to activities that call for slow tempo percussion and drumming laced with sparse melodic accompaniment (flute, acoustic guitar, Tibetan and Crystal Bowls). The sheer number of drums and percussion featured on the album is staggering and each of the four long tracks focuses on a different world/ethnic influence, lending unexpected and enjoyable variety.
   — Bill Binkelman

Music Design In Review
MEDITATION DRUM is a convergence of David & Steve Gordon's prowess with percussion and their highly effective relaxation and meditation releases. Inspired by the ways in which ancient cultures used drums as a part of healing rituals, David & Steve chose to create an album that emphasizes the calming, centering nature of slow, relaxing drum beats. The album utilizes an impressive array of drums from different cultures, ranging from the Egyptian tar and African dun duns to Native American drums and Celtic bodhran. This results in a very full, multifaceted sound. Some light Native flute playing adds a touch of melody to the soundscape, and Tibetan and crystal bowls provide an underlying drone. Listeners will find this meditative sonic environment to be both hypnotic and entrancing, helping them to embark on inner journeys with ease.

Steve Ryals, Nationally Syndicated Music Columnist
Imagine a deeply shadowed old-growth forest on the night of a full moon. Though the brilliant lunar light bathes the upper branches in a luminous glow, the forest floor lies concealed in impenetrable gloom. Feeling utterly lost in the litter of fallen logs and the shoots of new trees searching for the light, you stand alone in the echoing silence. After a timeless moment with your breath the only sound, you notice a faint pulse riding the chill night air. The sound, quiet and steady as a heartbeat, seems to come from everywhere. Turning slowly, you finally see the faintest flicker of shadows dancing in time to the sound of drums echoing through the trees.

Tripping over every stone and root, you eventually stumble into a small clearing. There, around a crackling fire, sit a group of drummers. Their intoxicating rhythms seem to peel away the shadows, and you sink gratefully to your knees by the penetrating warmth of the licking flames. Before long you find yourself breathing slowly, in unison with the heart beat of the drums. Without another thought, you drift into a shamanic trance that casts you headlong into the dreamtime. Your spirit body jumps out of your skin and begins dancing around the fire, happy to be alive.

Such is the magic of Meditation Drum, David and Steve Gordon's latest creation. Artfully weaving gentle shamanic drums with crystal and Tibetan bowls as well as Native American flute, Meditation Drum is the first meditation album that I know of to use the call of the drum to initiate a meditative state. Hypnotic, sensuous and deliciously potent, the extended length (almost 67 minutes!) makes Meditation Drum an exquisite vehicle for accessing the infinite energy of unconditional love. For all those who respond to the siren call of the drum, Meditation Drum will feel like coming home to our sacred Earth Mother.

Daily Om
With over a dozen drumming titles in their catalog, there can be no question that Sequoia Records' big brother act Steve and David Gordon are the base of a burgeoning trance therapy/modern shaman movement, trailblazing the use of recorded drumming for meditation and astral journeying to inner landscapes and self realization. With their primitivist rhythms, the Gordons' CD, Meditation Drum, becomes an essential entry point, a transformative drumming experience, ideal for setting the beat at campfire drum circles or holistic healing offices and even the more enlightened workplace cubicles. The drums promote a steady relaxed awareness, the kind associated in the brain with theta waves, making it a good album to have on while engaging in upper management problem solving as well as astral plane travel.

The second track on the album, "Shaman Drum," rides along on grounding double backbeat, perfect for slow circular trance dancing. "Mantra Drum" includes the rush of a rain stick, the far-off ethereal call of a wooden flute, hypnotic chimes amid the slow, and incessant tom tom drum style, which gradually increases like a snake awakening into an ever-tightening coil; it gets your spirit flowing, as a low didgeridoo comes in and adds the perfect sense of dreamtime otherworldliness. Angelic chimes, serpentine rattles, and rooting frame drums bring everything chugging along through all four tracks, slowly coiling and uncoiling in the rhythm of the earth-heart down the river of the spirit head and through the cloudy skies.

With just a simple drum beat, a whippoorwill wooden flute and a rain stick, Steve and David Gordon open up a pathway between your dancing Shiva flame soul and the eternal light of the now, wherein you are reflected as the lightbeing you are and all the world's the mirror/sun. Meditation Drum is the car and the road to get there, the real deal, as otherworldly focused and as enlightened a doorway as two titans of the shamanic drumming scene can make it. Use its enlightening strangeness to shake yourself from that secure sense of civilized torpor and back into the primal aliveness that comes with a full moon and roaring fire casting flickering shadows against the trees, your heart and the world's, beating as one.

The Pagan Review
The enclosed insert in the CD version also tells you how to do a drum meditation.

Since I had never tried meditating to actual drumming before, I thought this CD would be a fun experiment. My other musical meditations had all been done with a more soothing, flowing type of music nothing that had much of a beat to it, so this was a new experience for me.

I followed the instructions on the enclosed insert and away I went. I was excited to find the music was quite conducive to a hypnotic trance like state, in fact it was so easy to go into my meditation with Kundalini Drum I was quite surprised. It has now become my new favorite meditation song.

Though I did find myself able to easily slip into a meditation with this CD, using it for meditation only would be a loss. The music is great and versatile, and can also be used for ritual and spell work, raising energy, yoga or just plain relaxing.

The Gordon brothers have once again come up with a wonderful piece of work to entice the listener while providing them with a musical outlet.

Customer Comments

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Not just for meditation
Meditation Drum is a unique and beautiful album. I downloaded this on a whim and have been listening ever since. I don't meditate, at least I haven't up to this point and I still love this. — Beckon L. Albuquerque, NM, us

Can you say perfect!?
I have a ton of meditation music. Most of which I buy thinking I'm going to love it and end up hating it. Lots of it is very distracting. This however is absolutely not distracting. If anything it lends itself perfectly to calming, focusing and being open. The 4 tracks all feel different so depending on my mood and what I'm hoping to achieve I choose one. The length of each is also perfect. Most of the time I listen to one or two at a time and then they do flow together nicely so listening to the whole album works just fine as well. I would absolutely recommend this to a friend. — Lorna Rans Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Meditation Drum is beautiful and feels very natural.
Been listening since I got this exclusively for my meditations and have progressed into listening during the day too. I find this music exceptionally calming and peaceful and I find that my meditations have taken on a new depth. I am new to listening to meditation music and have found a few nature/music albums that I like but I feel like I'm constantly going back to the music... not good. With this though, I just soar. It's very comforting to me - very natural and almost ancient. There is nothing cheezy or hoaky about the drumming and it flows beautifully. — Jerry Brittan Chicago, IL, USA

Ideal for Meditation
I am overwhelmingly obliged to share my affinity for this album. I've never heard anything like it before - and I'm not sure why - it's a great idea! A drum album for meditation! Of course!! My biggest reason to love this so much is that the perfectly placed, rhythmic and Shaman-eqsue drums, are in excellent harmony with my natural slow breaths. It's like subconscious slowing -calming. Ideal for meditation when my breathing is the first thing I like to regulate and forget about. I highly recommend this meditation album for the experienced and the beginners. —  Lance Mayson Berkeley, CA,

These comments are from the Compact Disc version of the album:

Deep Resonance
I have had some relaxing music but nothing that has resonated with my soul like your drum Meditations. — Joe Hart Ketchum, ID,

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