Drum Prayer by Steve Gordon Drum Prayer
Steve Gordon

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Connect with the deep pulse of healing earth rhythms as sacred chants invoke inner peace and balance. Award-winning artist, Steve Gordon, (Drum Medicine, Sacred Earth Drums) has created a unique new sound that blends contemporary world music with sacred chants for global peace. Ancient Shaman rhythms from all over the planet, Native-American Flute, Spanish Guitar, Tabla, Sarod, Didgeridoo, ambient- trance grooves and sacred world chants (Lakota, Sanskrit & Tibetan) . take you on a nourishing soul-journey. Steve is joined by special guests Jaya Lakshami (Lost at Last), Girish Gambhiva (Krishna Das), Wynne Paris (Krishna Das), didgerido master Peter Van Gorder, renowned percussionist Kim Atkinson and David Gordon(Sequoia Records) on piano. Drum Prayer is a healing musical vision that soothes, heals and inspires. This is music which is empowering, liberating and relaxing. It's perfect for everything from meditation to dancing your prayers!

• 2003 COVR Best World Album - 1st Runner Up
• 2002 COVR Best World Album - Finalist

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 Track Title Time 
1. Where The Earth Meets The Sky 9:24
2. Emerging Power 7:41
3. Spirit Runner 6:23
4. Way Of The Shaman 9:44
5. Holding The Vision 6:54
6. Balance Dance 8:45
7. Season Of Renewal 6:39
8. Union Of Earth And Sky 3:38

Release date: September 1, 2002

Published Reviews

Malibu Magazine
Drum Prayer has a true shamanic heart and soul...combining ancient drum rhythms, native American flutes, Spanish guitars and tablas mixed with chants from different cultures. This combination is brilliant! The devotional chants for world peace are very timely. Whether Lakota, Tibetan or Sanskrit, these chants have a very soothing and peaceful effect. Steve Gordon takes the listener on a journey through many different moods and ambient sounds. This one is definitely worth checking out.

Share Guide
With Drum Prayer, connect with the deep pulse of healing earth rhythms as world sacred chants invoke inner peace and balance. Award-winning artist Steve Gordon has created a unique new sound that blends contemporary world music with sacred chants for global peace. Instrumentation includes Native-American Flute, Spanish Guitar, Tabla, Sarod, Didgeridoo, ambient-trance grooves and Lakota, Sanskrit and Tibetan sacred world chants. This album is a healing musical vision that soothes, heals and inspires. It's perfect for everything from yoga and meditation to dancing your prayers.

White Swan
Steve Gordon has touched on something really special in his new album Drum Prayer. Rejuvenate your spirit and let your heart fly. It's a journey of pure joy.

Daily OM
A longtime presence on the New Age drumming scene, percussionist Steve Gordon is a master at using the beat of the drum to entrain and synchronize human response to deeper levels of the divine and the mystic. Drum Prayer is one of his most effective works in this regard, a joyous, life-affirming trip through the beat-by-beat landscapes of the body soul and spirit. There's no filler on Drum Prayer, no waiting for the good stuff; it's all now. Eagle-eared and open-hearted, Gordon is keyed into each beat as if it was the first, last, and only. Aided by a pack of like-minded friends on didgeridoo, oud, flute, piano, as well as other instruments, Gordon lays out a breadcrumb trail of rhythm through the wilderness of the divine spirit, the canyons of the heart, and the deep-sea soul.

Opening with the arrival of the pink dawn on the desert horizon, with rattlesnake percussion, low and rumbling didgeridoo, and crying-hawk flute, "Where the Earth Meets the Sky" quickly establishes the album's free-ranging, animalistic tone. Thudding ceremonial drums and jazzy classical guitar are followed with Native American Lakota chant sung in a light, almost pop-opera, style. "Spirit Runner" features passionate flamenco-style guitar that is offset by a scintillating frame-drum rhythm and more chanting. Tracks stretch long enough to serve as good start-and-stop points for meditation or astral or shamanistic journeying, with each track granted a ceremonial welcome to the field via rattles and ambience before the flutes, guitars, and drums start in earnest.

At their pinnacle, the pieces extend outward in an array of well-produced expansive beauty, like blossoming flowers of tribal love and union. The idea of coupling ancient language chants to dreamy, high-registered jazz-style singing is inspired, lending the album a vague sense of 1960s-style tropicalia jazz groups, as on the heavenly "Season of Renewal." Steve Gordon has been forging the signature sound of what is known as New Age music almost since its inception, and on Drum Prayer his effortless mastery of the form is indisputable, his touch light enough to be carried aloft on the next canyon wind or through a hotel cocktail bar. The musician friends he's gathered around him for the journey (which include his pianist brother David Gordon, Jaya Lakshmi, Laurie Lovecraft, and Kim Atkinson) are clearly inspired by his magic, and you will be too.

Music Design In Review
The deep pulse of earthy, percussive rhythms is paired with balance- invoking sacred chants on DRUM PRAYER, the anticipated solo release from Steve Gordon. An exquisite blend of contemporary and ancient, the release features an all-star lineup of global fusion wizards including David Gordon, Jaya Lakshami (Lost at Last), Girish Gambhiva (Krishna Das) and renowned percussionist Kim Atkinson. Listeners will find themselves unleashing their inner shaman with Native American flute-laden, tabla-spiked rhythms that swirl with ambient hypnotism and samples of Lakota, Sanskrit and Tibetan devotional chants. A soul-stirring journey you don't want to miss!

Latex Records
First, Steve Gordon and his cohort David have become well known staples in the New Age and World music genre especially for their Native American drum works. This particular solo release by Steve Gordon combines his years of musical experience playing drums, guitar, flute, and synthesizer. The original concept of this album seems to have a strong focus on combining old world tradition and spirituality with the growth and evolution of mankind into new realms of existence. Thus you will find man traditional instruments, melodies, and rhythms combined with modern ones. However, only a third of this album was recorded by the time the events of September 11th took place. Based on the effects of these events on the artist he decided to slightly alter the theme to include creating each song as a prayer for world peace, inner peace, acceptance, wisdom, serenity, and for healing. The end result is an amazing collection by a veteran musical talent which combines many traditional elements with modern trance rhythms, keyboard, etc.. utilizing chants from various world religions such as Native American (specifically Lakota), Tibetan, and Sanskrit to bring about music that is suitable for modern ears yet carries the spirit and ancient wisdom of the past.

Beginning subtly with nature sounds and chimes and quickly building by adding shakers, flute, didgeridoo, drum, and guitar in rapid succession. The rhythm builds from one of a relaxing ambience to that of a dance beat full of life and rejuvinating energy. There are many assistant musicians and singers on this release and the overall effect is the peaceful and serene unity which the artist hopes to project. However, the added synths on the album as well as the more modern dance-trance rhythms help in the melding of past and present. However "Spirit Runner" is more focused on the guitar than drums and "Way of the Shaman" sounds like it could have been on the "Sacred Spirit Drums" album with it's flute and drum focus. "Holding The Vision" reminds me of the works of the little known Voice of Golden Eagle. Musically my favorite tracks are the first two and the last which sounds like another version of the first. I really like Jaya Lakshami's vocals on the first two tracks and the synth additives on the second with the tribal dance drum rhythms on "Emerging Power".

   — TG Mondalf

Backroads Music
With the deep pulse of a steady heartbeat drum holding down the bottom, this adventurous album introduces a peaceful, stirring chant by Jaya Lakshmi of Lost at Last fame. When this gives way to spirited drumming, didge, rattles and gongs, the die has been cast. Out of this, soaring flutes and plaintive guitar round out the sound. What ensues from the opening track is a marvelous blend of tribal world music, with much influence from Native American worlds. Sacred chants, shamanic rhythms, flutes, guitars, tabla, sarod, didgeridoo and ambient trance grooves all merge and dance, intertwining healing earth rhythms with journey-like musical travels. This is the first album under Steve's name as solo artist, even though he had ample help on this from the likes of Kim Atkinson, Lakshami Devi, Girish Gambhira, Howard Givens and Steve's brother David Gordon. This album is filled with haunting, expansive and nourishing music that recalls the power and beauty of Sacred Spirits and the out of print albums by Beautiful World.

A very good work from an exceptional multi-instrumental artist. If you're looking for sounds that conjugate the art of the meditation and travel with the musical expression of the percussions and the drums, this album is for you. A classical guitar enters with tribal rhytms, where after a little time more choral voices introduce the magical voice of Jaya Lakshami. The title of this song is "Where The Earth Meets The Sky".

As everything else joins, nearly a travel of return towards to ancient lands, where the earth's fire burns with high blazes until grazing the sky, where you can try "to learn to lose control...". music that is a total abandoning to yourself and your orgins, to touch something that we can't still know and perhaps never will. But it helps us to find again energy and spirituality that often you forget to have.

Then follow the other songs. Any of the songs can't be considered most important than others. A successful ensemble of sounds and dances and only one concept or thread. A disc that has endured even the infuences of the september 11 tragic events. As the author declares in introducing these recordings in the booklet "... That that is been born from that experience is one musical concept where every song is one prayer, for the peace in the world, for inner peace, the tolerance, the wisdom, the serenity... ". Messages of hope, where finding again the joy and the serenity in ourselves we, can shared with others, for a world where the peace is not just an egoistic ambition, but a dream and a message to bring to all. And this music seems to me is an effective means in order to render a concept that is utopian, but perhaps not an unattainable one... Peace, love, empathy!

An Angel's Kiss
Steve Gordon's Drum Prayer is an 8-track album, a sacred healing prayer and meditation. Intense and delicious drumming interlaced with tablas mixed with angelic chants from different cultures, Native American flute, Spanish guitar, a rainstick, some didgeridoo, keyboards, shakers and rattlers create a one-of-a-kind sound. An exceptional album by the award-winning, multi-instrumental artist, Steve Gordon. Drum Prayer has a unique sound, with a blend of sacred chanting and contemporary world music that I love. I find it quite relaxing and energizing at the same time. It helps me focus and I usually put it on repeat for days at a time ... sometimes weeks! I never want it to stop so it just keeps on playing. I especially like the cover art, perhaps a symbolic artistic expression of As Above, So Below ... a prayer for inner peace and global peace! The descriptions of each song is truly inspiring. Steve goes into deep, metaphysical concepts that awaken a sense of personal power and universal love.

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Great Artistry-
Drum Prayer is my first exposure to Steve Gordonís music. It certainly wonít be my last. Iíll be hunting down everything he puts out! —  Carol Hetzler

Graceful and Spiritual
Drum Prayer is relaxing and uplifting music that seems to caress my soul! The courage to blend so many instruments and sounds of the world turned out to be a clearly successful endeavor. This is magnificent! Graceful and deeply spiritual. I listen to it at least once a day if not more. I want to add that Earth Drum is another recommended and brilliant world music cd. —  Christy Mills Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Helps me calm and focus...
This is great drum music to listen to for relaxation, meditation and for doing homework. — Joshua Rapoza

Drum Prayer definitely helped me in my Shaman meditations! — Barbara Blism

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