Mapping the Transpersonal Dimension by Lodestone Resonator, mp3 download Mapping the Transpersonal Dimension
Lodestone Resonator

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Explore the realms beyond thought, where pulsating energy from the distant stars can be heard as the mesmerizing analog and digital sound wave patterns of Lodestone Resonator. Inspired by leftfield IDM and ambient downtempo groups such as Hallucinogen, Psychonauts and Aphex Twin, producers David & Steve Gordon (creators of the Billboard charting chill out lounge series Buddha Lounge) have discovered a new realm of experimental ambient music groove that combines acoustic and electronic sounds in ways that will expand your mind and satisfy your soul. This mp3 download album is the next generation in downtempo psychedelic trance where trip hop electronica enters an entirely new vibration made for deep mind explorers. Let go of linear thought and float your mind in the non stop sound-stream of these liquid loops and pools of ambience. There is no need to hold on anymore - you are gliding free into new states of being - straight into the core of consciousness where the sound and the listener are one.


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 Track Title Time 
1. Event Horizon 5:01
2. Dark Dust (Black Rock City Mix) 5:06
3. String Theory (Burning Man Mix) 6:43
4. Patternicity (Amanita Mix) 5:25
5. Cube Farm 3:44
6. Mobius (Caribbean Mix) 4:40
7. Shining Delta 4:18
8. Luminocity (Playa Mix) 5:25
9. The Long Now 11:18

Release date: March 18, 2011

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