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Join the Dance of Life! Energize your body and soul as you move to this creative blend of sensuous world trance rhythms and pulsing electronica. Award-winning groove masters Zingaia,s fourth album is a techno-tribal tour-de-force of global beats and exotic melodies that swirl into a melting pot of cultures and styles. World music composer and studio wizard Michael Breene,s earthly and invigorating electronic music meets worldbeat also feature enticing female vocals, ritual chants and ethnic instruments from Africa, the Middle East, India, and the Americas. Highlights on this MP3 download album include the title track "Earth Church" that features the powerful voice of Samina Oshun in a song of devotion for the Earth. "Afro Tekno" is a blend of African rhythms and voices with electronic music trance textures, while "the Message" is a sultry tantric invitation to sensuality. Let yourself go into the sacred moment - perfect for trance dancing, tantra music, flow yoga music and connecting with your own life force!


Listen To Samples:

 Track Title Time 
1. Afro Techno 4:54
2. Earth Church 4:34
3. Incense Ceremony 4:52
4. Maenads in Morocco 4:42
5. The Message 5:30
6. Omumbiri 4:22
7. MerMade 3:38
8. Sekhment 4:46
9. Call of the Panisk 5:57
10. Wisdom Keepers 4:31

Release date: April 3, 2012

Published Reviews

An Angel's Kiss
Zingaia is one of those bands that has you hooked right away ... and the more you listen to their unique style of worldbeat electronica ~ the more you will love them. Zingaia's new release, Earth Church (2012, Sequoia Records) is the band's fourth album. Deservingly known globally as the award-winning groove masters, Zingaia is the combined genious of husband and wife Micheal and Katlyn Breene. A blend of different ethnic styles contribute to the Zingaia sound with musical influences from the MIddle East, Africa and Asia, to name a few. Zingaia creates musical alchemy, with a melting pot of styles and cultures, that is intoxicating and delightful to listen to.

Earth Church is a moving, soul-stirring composition that is sure to wake you up. The melodies are energizing and exciting, yet each song remains its own original piece. Katlyn's lyrics are captivating and interesting, deeply spiritual and rich in content. I would love to be able to read them, although they are not included in the album. Part of Zingaia's charm is the mysterious element to there songs, as though intuition tells the listener that there is so much more to know.

Zingaia is not in anyway a cheap here today, gone tomorrow band. Their music has substance, meaning, depth. Deeply spiritual and sensual, Earth Church is an exotic expression of love and devotion to our beautiful earth and the mythical, mystical parts of life. The music sends me to distant places that are purely Zingaia, lands afar where gypsies dance, sing and play music while sacred love is in the air and in their hearts, a place of cultural unity and respect for our lady Gaia, a place where magick abounds and you can create anything that can appear in your mind's eye. Modern magick, ritual chanting, female vocals, exotic melodies, world percussion and keyboard textures are woven together taking the listener on a journey across seas connecting with the global world and the inner world alike.

The album begins with a tribal rave titled, Afto Tekno and it is though a birth of the album has taken place, with african rhythms, strange futuristic sounds and voices that speak words of mystery. Chances are your subconscious will be able to write your own lyrics to the chanting and narrative in this tekno groove. Put on some comfy shoes because it is hard to stay sitting still from the very beginning of this album. Earth Church transforms the environment into into a celebration of life.

Of the 10 tracks on the album, a few jump out at me every time, although I love each song for different reasons and they are all favorites to me. Stand out tracks include track two, Earth Church, a song of devotion and a new vision for the Earth. Guest vocalist Samina Oshun sings beautifully in Earth Church, as well as track ten, Wisdom Keepers. Her voice is encompassing and her words are easy to hear and understand.

Incense Ceremony, track contains haunting and seductive vocals of an unnamed source, sprinkled with magickal musical fairy dust. Visions of forests outstretched for miles, with mysts that spellbind through sacred earth scent and wildflowers flood my mind, drunk with the pleasures that only good music can give.

The Message track is a sexy and alluring tantric invitation of sacred sensuality. Grab your partner and create some love together while expanding your consciousness and connecting with the infinite. Kaitlyn tells a story, her spoken word vocals are seductive, poetic and hypnotic.

Track 8, Sekhmet, is one of the more intense tracks on this album. It has a lot of texture, layered with live chanting by the Women of Sekhmet. With a strong ritualistic current I often expect Sekhmet to appear on my front lawn from calling on her so much.

Earth Church is beautifully made and mastered, another recommended release from Sequoia Records. A must-have for world music collectors, fans of Zingaia and anyone who loves life, the earth and having a good time. It is perfect for dancing, rituals, yoga, tantra and parties.

Daily OM
Based in Las Vegas, Zingaia (married couple Michael and Kaitlyn Breene) formed in the early‚ 90s and have appeared on such compilations as the groundbreaking Buddha Lounge series, which helped usher the sound of trance/world music into the center of consciousness. Renowned for the sacral chakra-activating power of their Middle Easternˆinflected trance music, Zingaia steps out of the boudoir and into the great outdoors for Earth Church, turning the oceans and rocks into their own living room temple. "We are giving birth to the new church / Church of earth," sings Kaitlyn in the title track while squiggling 303 bass, shouts of delighted children, bursts of Arabian flute, and a shifting frame of percussion surround and elevate her deep haunting voice. She invites us to "become a thread of the web of night." Showing their tantric appreciation of the tactile, Kaitlyn sings "holy water is the sea / Sacred land shall our altar be."

In "The Message" Kaitlyn whispers seductively over a clockwork beat and low, ominous bass line, embodying a serpent in the flames: "back and hips arched / Sway / Like a snake / They carry a message." The flute comes in to charm her and lead us deeper into a movement-based self-hypnosis. "Sekhment" opens with a flutter of Middle Eastern percussion and metallic congas, and soon growling echoes and percolating synths materialize to open the pathway for Kaitlyn's layered vocals and electric guitars.

Ideal for movement in meditation, Earth Church knows how to slowly build a track from a few scattered drums into something cathartic and uplifting. Abandon is never more than a bridge away. And Zingaia's range of talents is impressive: Michael is an accomplished pianist who has played with Sarah Vaughn and Freddie Hubbard, and Kaitlyn is also a practiced stage magician and painter (she paints all of Zingaia's covers and several other titles on the Sequoia label). All of this means nothing if the sound doesn't move you, but Earth Church lives up to its title. Listen and be grounded even as your feet hardly seem to touch the ground.

Retailing Insight
This fourth release from Zingaia (Michael and Katlyn Breene) explodes out of the gate with an energetic fusion of contemporary electronics and frenetic beats married to African percussion and primal female and male chants on the opening song, “Afro Tekno.” For nine more tracks, the Breenes, along with guest vocalists on some tracks, transport the listener to a land of pulsing, percolating rhythms, mesmerizing electronic keyboard melodies, ambient textures, and intoxicating, hypnotic vocals, all infused with the musical flavors of Africa, India, the Mediterranean, and other exotic locales. Earth Church brims over with irresistible grooves laced with global spices.
   — Bill Binkelman

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