Faith, Hope and Love by Ginkgo Garden Faith, Hope & Love
Ginkgo Garden

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Refresh your spirit on this inspiring musical voyage. The Ginkgo Tree, known as a symbol for hope and love, is the muse for the music of Ginkgo Garden, the internationally acclaimed music project of renowned film-music composer and keyboardist Eddy F. Mueller. Two years of studio crafting with some of Europe's finest musicians went into this hope-filled fifth release. By masterfully combining vintage guitar and keyboard sounds with exotic world instruments, electric guitar, piano, pulsing electronica, multi-layered vocals, Asiatic chants and deeply spiritual lyrics, the result is a uniquely uplifting modern ethno-pop groove. Great efforts were put into the fascinating vocal work on this record resulting in a gorgeous and uplifting vocal sound. One of the most popular artists on the acclaimed Buddha-Lounge series, Ginkgo Garden is now bringing their wonderfully genre-blending music to the US by popular demand. "Deep Forest meets Kitaro - A refreshingly original sound!" - Steve Gordon.

• A Buddha-Lounge Series Featured Artist

Listen To Samples:

 Track Title Time 
1. The North Wind, Part 1 3:22
2. Padparadscha 4:37
3. Faith, Hope And Love 5:58
4. A Mystic Day in Mandalay 4:40
5. Hope of a Tree 3:54
6. Faithful Leaf 4:00
7. There is Love 3:34
8. Drums of Faith 4:53
9. Stream of Dream 4:33
10. The Seafarer 5:37
11. Hope (The North Wind, Part 2) 3:24
12. Velvet Love Waltz 4:33
13. Perpetual Yearning 4:33
14. Steadfast Love 4:50
15. Journey of the Clouds 3:40

Release date: October 15, 2005

Published Reviews

Music Design In Review
One of the most requested artists from Sequoia's popular "Buddha-Lounge" series, Ginkgo Garden has already had success overseas with its uplifting grooves. This exciting world beat project, from renowned German producer Eddy F. Mueller, offers a unique blend of driving rhythms, spacious synthesizers, guitar (both acoustic and electric) and richly layered vocals. Imagine blending Asian ambiance with the ethnic sensibilities of Deep Forest. Amp up the pop/rock elements, throw in some electric guitars and you'll start to get an idea of what Ginkgo Garden's very original, genre-bending sound is like. This is definitely an album to toss in the CD player next time you're looking for something fun and funky.

Amazing Sounds
Great arrangements, very good sound and fabulous melodies. As always, the music of Ginkgo Garden is a relaxing journey on the road of harmony and beauty.
   — M. Motes

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