Jewel of Hari by Jaya Lakshmi Jewel of Hari
Jaya Lakshmi

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Discover the new sound of Yoga! Produced by Steve Gordon (Drum Prayer, Buddha-Lounge) gifted singer Jaya Lakshmi's music is spiritual as well as sensual, as her luminous voice graces a contemporary world groove which will open your heart and caress your soul. She is without a doubt, one of the most creative artists in today's chant music scene. Experience ancient Vedic chants from India, that will lift your spirit, bubbling tabla beats that get your feet moving, sensual modern dance grooves, harmonium drones, sarod, and even some flamenco guitar for some gypsy spice. . Lakshmi's sublime vocals make these traditional mantras come alive in a modern musical vision which is totally unique and both soothing and energizing at the same time. It's an upfliting soundtrack for movement and deep trance all in one that will keep you engaged and centered - your perfect companion for yoga, or just chilling out.


Listen To Samples:

 Track Title Time 
1. Radha Pranam 5:29
2. Sundara 5:01
3. Bolo Sri Krsna 6:00
4. Bhaja Hure Mana 5:48
5. Ramachandra 4:38
6. By Your Grace 8:02
7. Govinda Hari 9:06
8. Pancha Tattvit 6:13
9. Jewel of Hari 4:51

Release date: May 1, 2004

Published Reviews

Jaya Lakshmi is one of the great voices in contemporary world fusion music. On Jewel of Hari, her second solo album, she performs traditional chants and original music with passion and devotion that will resonate with all listeners. Lakshmi's divine musical vision requires a wealth of musicians playing a wide array of traditional Indian instruments. The sarod, tabla, and harmonium add an authentic flavor to tracks like the traditional devotional chants "Ramachandra" and "Radhe Pranam." Her original songs, like "By Your Grace" and "Govinda Hari," are all beautiful, modern tracks that fit in seamlessly with her concept of Asian-lounge fusion. Her lush, hypnotic vocals are comparable to the best work of Enya or Sarah McLachlan. Fans of those artists who are open to new talents, would do well to seek out this recording.

Music Design In Review
Jaya Lakshmi is, without a doubt, one of the most innovative, up-and-coming artists in the realm of contemporary chant music. Spiritual as well as sensual, her music is an intoxicating mix of mystical sonorities: ethereal Vedic chants that lift the soul up high, percolating tabla beats that make you want to move, cutting edge dance grooves, harmonium drones and even a little Gypsy spice thanks to the use of flamenco guitar. It's music for dance and deep trance all wrapped up in one, providing the perfect accompaniment for yoga, ecstatic dance or chilling out.

NewAge Journal
A beautiful soothing sound. Jaya's melodic voice blends in with the flamenco guitar and rich middle eastern sounds creating a sensual relaxing sound. Great CD!!
   — Laura Wandrie

Mushroom Magazine
Beautiful relaxing world music with lots of Indian chants, tablas, guitars and some other fine delicacies from the warm beaches of this country will bring the sun straight back to your heart. This is the ideal sound with a holiday feeling to relax and chill out, a nice alteration to the busy life in our metropolises. Magic sounds with healing energy, melodies, which will be understood all over the world, deep and soft and sometimes esoteric.

If I was a DJ, spinning poolside or at a little cafe overlooking the ocean or a lake, I'd have this cued up on one of my CD players or computers at all times. So since I'm in this fantastic fantasy world, where everyone is relaxed and smiling and on vacation all the time, I can somehow understand the harmonious vocals that weave in and out of the 6 and 12 string guitars, shakers, harp and assorted mellow organic-sounding electronic elements. The vocals are mainly Jya Lakshmi singing ancient Vedic chants a clear and beautiful voice which radiates happiness. Think of what you might hear in India, or in a very cool Yoga class. Can you tell I've just given in to liking this album? The first song "Radha Pranam" is sort of median energy level compared to the rest of the tracks, which go from very danceable if in sort of a folksy way ("Sundara" "Ramachandra" and to a slightly lesser extent "Govinda Hari") to extremely peaceful ("By Your Grace"). Actually, in repeated listening, I find not knowing exactly what is being said in the lyrics frees me to just listen to the music. No surprise, I've always been a big fan of non-vocal music, and now I'm a fan of this album. If you like exploring different cultures musically, acoustic guitar and female vocals, you should give this album a listen
   — Claire Maxwell

Backroads Music
"Jewel Of Hari," Jaya Lakshmi's second solo outing for Sequoia, builds upon the foundation she laid with "Ocean Of Mercy." Produced by Steve Gordon, the arrangements are lush and exotic, filled with warm guitar strumming, Indian instruments like the sarod and tabla, harmonium, moving beats and plenty of other mystical flourishes that give the music a sense of ethereal bliss. Lakshmi's sublime vocals weave through each of the ecstatic backdrops, as she sings a variety of English and Sanskrit-based chants, some traditional and others of her own creation. This album really shows Lakshmi's growth as an artist since her appearance with the group Lost at Last, and helps to establish her as a rising star in today's chant music scene. The music is very vibrant and her singing truly enchants, especially on the uplifting title track.

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