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Nature Sounds for Sleep
Deep Sleep Systems

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Have you ever noticed how comforting the soothing sounds of rain can be? The gentle sound of soft steady rain has a calming effect on the body and mind. If you have trouble sleeping sometimes, this serene recording of rain sounds can help. Start listening to these relaxing sleep sounds next time you have insomnia and you'll soon find that you are feeling relaxed and sleepy and before long you'll be fast asleep. David and Steve Gordon's Deep Sleep Systems created hour of hypnotically tranquil rain sound by choosing the most relaxing rain sounds from their library of exclusive high quality nature sounds that they have recorded for many years.

The rain sounds are soft and serene throughout which makes it easy to fall asleep. In addition, the sounds of rain are what sound engineers call "white noise." White noise is when the sound is distributed equally at all frequencies. This means that rain sounds are very effective at masking background noise that makes them great for sleeping in hotel rooms that are not very quiet. It's a good idea to have relaxing sounds for sleep like this on hand for when you can't sleep. They are not unhealthy like sleeping pills yet very effective and can make going to sleep enjoyable again.


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 Track Title Time 
1. Soothing Rainfall-relaxing rain nature sounds-no thunder 60:10

Release date: September 25, 2008

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ahh so sleepy
Wow, this really works it is so soothing and gentle, like dancing in the rain. I had the best dreams. I showed my family and they relaxed like never before. —  Alice W. MD,

This has worked wonderfully for me.
If ever there was a time that I needed to make the sleep time I had count its now. I have several new ventures brewing and the crunch is upon me. I recommend this album for people looking to fall asleep fast and sleeping soundly. — Kinny Miano White Plains, CT , usa

Thank you Gina!!
A friend of mine recommended this and I have been thanking her ever since. And sleeping well since too! — Taylor Schmidt Austin, TX, USA

Creates a serene morning too...
I have listened to two of the Deep Sleep system albums, Rain Sounds and Ocean Waves and I love them both. My sleep is deeper, more restful and I wake feeling actually refreshed! While this is wonderful, my favorite though is waking to this in the early morning especially on weekends. There is something extremely calming to me about rain. All is being nourished and cleansed. Thank you for producing such a wonderful album, I'll be listening for a very long time. — Mike Howser Ft Lauderdale, FL, USA

Taking this to CA with me
I'm getting ready to do some traveling for the next month and I absolutely will not be leaving this at home. Soothing Rain Sounds is beautiful and peaceful and creates a feeling of calm for me that I won't travel without!! — Kari Bard Stockton, CA,

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