Image of album cover, Sound Spa 1: Relaxing Music & Rainforest by David & Steve Gordon Sound Spa 1: Relaxing Music & Rainforest
David & Steve Gordon

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Enter a rainforest oasis where you are surrounded by the peace and serenity of nature. David & Steve Gordon, renown for their pioneering and innovative use nature sounds for nearly 30 years in ambient music, new age music and meditation music, have created an hour long CD of nature music where the relaxing music and nature sounds are in perfect harmony. The soothing sounds of colorful exotic birds, and water sounds of the rainforest weave through their peaceful melodies creating an atmosphere of inner stillness — it's perfectly suited as tranquil healing music, yoga music, spa music or relaxation music. Whenever you need some stress relief, you can return here to this place of tranquil beauty where you can breathe deep, let go of all tension and experience total relaxation on every level. It's very effective as massage music for the perfect environment for body work and the healing arts.


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 Track Title Time 
1. Relaxing Music and Rainforest Sounds, Part 1 30:40
2. Relaxing Music and Rainforest Sounds, Part 2 30:27

Release date: February 10, 2010

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Spiritual Sounds You'll Love
I feel like Im on a gentle journey deep within myself when I listen to this. I really would recommend listening to album especially when you just want to clear your mind, rid yourself of all stress and just zone into your own thoughts. Trust me, this is a keeper! —  Jennifer Levy Shreveport, LA,

Something To Clear Your Mind With
I would have to say that this music hits my top 5! Whenever I really need to relax, escape or even meditate, this music just swoops me up and lets me float. It is really spiritual and I love it. — Annie Lu Des Moines, IA,

These comments are from the MP3 Download version of the album:

Almost better than a walk in the park
I downloaded this just a few days ago and am entranced by it. Far more than I expected. The lush layers of nature really feel like being lost among all that is green. I recommend this to anyone looking for a little escape. — Brad Meener Healdsburg, CA, USA

Great track length
Track length is huge when it comes to meditational music and the two tracks on there are fabulous. The music is non distracting and serene and I couldn't have found better. Thank you! — Jackson Brodwater NM, US

My clients and I agree - This is wonderful
It's a continuous search to find music that compliments the taste of so many clients. I am a massage therapist and hope that my music doesn't distract from the experience that my clients have. This album, I have ONLY had positive feedback on. That is saying something huge. So glad to have the opportunity to share my gratitude for this album :) — Monnie Mann Tampa, FL, USA

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