The Celtic Dreams Collection by Sequoia Records The Celtic Dreams Collection
Sequoia Records Presents

The Celtic Lounge II
Fairy Lullabies
Deep Within a Faerie Forest

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Enter a world that is filled with mystery and touched by magic. First The Celtic Lounge II will carry you away to where Celtic enchantment meets mystical chill-out featuring songs from favorite Celtic artists. Next enter the land of dreams as Gary Stadler and Wendy Rule take you Deep within a Fairie Forrest. Then discover a world of soothing beauty with Fairy Lullabies by Gary Stadler featuring peaceful instrumental versions of his most loved melodies.

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The Celtic Lounge II by Sequoia Artists The Celtic Lounge II
Sequoia Records Presents
 Track Title Time 
1. Fairy Ring [Gary Stadler & Singh Kaur] 7:39
2. Lilac Blooms (Under the Rising Moon) [Tina Malia] 5:43
3. Ragnarok - Twilight of the Gods [Achillea] 5:57
4. The Lass of Glenshee [Alquimia] 4:24
5. The Secret Rose [Steve Gordon] 4:38
6. Faraway [Gary Stadler & Stephannie] 8:30
7. The Foggy Dew [David Gordon] 5:12
8. Spark in the Night [Singh Kaur] 7:40
9. Land of the Star [EverStar] 4:38
10. Song Of The Sea [Sharon Knight] 6:22
11. Fly Away [Gary Stadler & Wendy Rule] 5:43

Fairy Lullabies by Gary Stadler Fairy Lullabies
Gary Stadler
 Track Title Time 
1. Piano Lullaby #2 3:46
2. Elphame Lullaby 7:03
3. Garden Lullaby 3:56
4. Piano Lullaby 3:43
5. Sa Brooke Lullaby 5:40
6. Spark in the Night Lullaby 7:25
7. Spinneee Lullaby 6:07
8. Deenaby 6:04
9. Fly Away Lullaby 5:42
10. Sweet Lullaby 3:55
11. For Tammi 4:24

Deep Within a Faerie Forest by Gary Stadler and Wendy Rule Deep Within a Faerie Forest
Gary Stadler & Wendy Rule
 Track Title Time 
1. Invocation 6:26
2. FlyAway 5:49
3. Dance of the Wild Faeries 4:06
4. Are you coming with us? 2:55
5. Uyll 4:42
6. Lus y Vaaish 1:58
7. Midwinter 8:09
8. The Lake Isle of Innisfree 5:14
9. The Infinite Shore 5:39
10. Deep Within the Forest 4:45

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