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Jens Gad is a world-renowned musician, writer and producer perhaps best known for his 10-year association with Enigma, the musical project of multi-platinum producer Michael Cretu, which has been responsible for bringing new age music sensibilities into the world of dance club electronica with a succession of highly praised albums since their 1991 superhit, "Sadness".

Jens is a passionate guitarist (nearly all Enigma`s guitars) and drummer. He also has worked on a number of other internationally successful projects with international talents such as MICHAEL CRETU, FRANK FARIAN and ARMAND VOLKER and achieved world wide chart success with projects like ENIGMA, ANDRU DONALDS and MILLI VANILLI.

He spends the majority of his time producing and creating new musical visions at his state-of-the-art studio located on the beautiful Spanish island of Ibiza, hub of the wildly popular Mediterranean dance club movement. His latest solo effort is Le Spa Sonique, the 2006 album offering luxurious relaxation music sounds. Jens' musical project, Achillea, is joined by Helene Horlyck, who appeared on the 2005 album The Nine Worlds, Luisa Fernandez, who joins Jens on the 2007 album,Amadas Estrellas.

The work of Jens Gad has always been guided by his rhythmic focus on music and has shown an unusually wide variety of styles and influences. He has worked in all facets of the music industry as writer, producer, singer, live/studio musician and performer. Jens has such an exceptionally complete understanding of music that it enables him to work totally independent and self-sufficient.

"Life and its possibilities are still endless...'' - Jens Gad