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From the enchanted lands of Middle Earth comes this All-Elvin ensemble, joined by the renowned Brothers Gordon, Everstar now arrives in our world direct from the realms of myth, legend and fantasy to delight, inspire and captivate the hearts and ears of the entire fantasy music genre. Discovered in a Rivendell tavern, these four venturesome lads were coaxed into crossing the Great Sea of Belegaer to bring their enchanting magical blend of other-worldly Celtic music into the realms of men.

EverStar was originally formed at the beginning of the Third Age of Middle-Earth when a young Sylvan elf, Myrdin Lore of Loth L"orien, met Eldor Gildomire a somewhat rowdy and raucous wood-elf while the two studied magic and music under the tutelage of the Red Wizard of the Tower of Dol Guldur on the southern edge of the great Mirkwood. While journeying through the fabled forests of Fangorn the two encountered mystical drummer and percussionist Landis Farwind who hailed from the windswept shores of the vast Sea of Rhn, while jamming with a group of Ents. The three became fast friends and fell in together journeying around the Misty Mountains, through the Gap of Rohan and eventually ending up in the old tavern at Bree. While tossing back a few pints, a mysterious hooded figure entered to room and took a seat at the 99 keyed Eriadorion piano kicking out a masterful classic elvin-sonata. Dashing back the hood of his cloak, he reveled himself to be none other that Arathar of Rivendell. The three instantly realized they had found their missing key master and Everstar was born.

Together, over the next few seasons, our merry band sharpened their ears and honed their fingers playing the tavern set throughout the Middle Earth; finally making their way to the Grey Havens where they set sail from the Gulf of Lune arriving in beautiful Southern California where they were introduced to none other David & Steve Gordon in the spring of 2003, and the rest is history. In September of 2003 EverStar released their debut Sequoia release Enchanted Journey produced by David and Steve Gordon, which is already gaining much acclaim. This was followed up in short order with their special holiday music release, Yuletide in the Shire featuring a wide range of cherished 'earthly' holiday season favorites. And the journey continues...