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Photo of Jens Gad, Achillea, Engima, chill out electronica, ambient music, trip hop, new age music.
Creator of Achillea, Jens Gad is a world-renowned musician, writer and producer perhaps best known for his 10-year association with Enigma, the musical project of multi-platinum producer Michael Cretu, which has been responsible for bringing New Age sensibilities into the world of dance clubs with a succession of highly praised albums since their 1991 superhit, "Sadness". Jens-a passionate guitarist, percussionist and composer-has also worked on a number of other internationally successful projects and today spends the majority of his time producing and creating new musical visions at his state-of-the-art studio located on the beautiful Spanish island of Ibiza... Read more.

Amadas Estrellas by Achillea
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Rhythm is the heart. The idea is the spirit. The voice is the soul. In his studio in Ibiza Spain, Jens Gad, the co-visionary of the multi-platinum group ENIGMA, is joined by t... Read More

The Nine Worlds by Achillea
Compact Disc   List Price:  $16.98  Price:  $14.91  You Save  $2.07 (12%)
MP3 Album Download   List Price:  $9.99   Price:  $8.99   You Save:  $1.00 (10%)

Highly acclaimed co-producer and guitarist of the multi-platinum group Enigma, Jens Gad brings you a spellbinding downtempo musical odyssey into the ancient mythology of his S... Read More