Creative Dreaming - Guided Meditation with Relaxing Music  by Dr. Arelene Alexander Creative Visualizations Creative Dreaming - Guided Meditation with Relaxing Music
Dr. Arlene Alexander Creative Visualizations

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Explore the World of Dreams - Have you ever wanted to know how to control your dreams? In recent years, dreams have been the focus of many research projects in universities because they are a window into the sub-conscious mind. This relaxing guided meditationMP3 download contains the latest techniques in conscious dreaming and guided imagery that you can use to understand yourself better and gain insight and illumination from higher planes of existence. Listen to track one and increase your ability to recall your dreams. Instead of waking up and receiving hazy vague impressions of a fascinating dream, you awake with complete recall including vivid visual images of lucid dreams. On side two Dr. Alexander guides you through an enjoyable creative visualization that develops your power to consciously experience and control your dreams while they are happening. These techniques were inspired by Dr. LaBerge's Lucid Dreaming project at Stanford University. Both tracks have a background of tranquil relaxation music perfect for dream explorations.

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Listen To Samples:

 Track Title Time 
1. Preparation for Lucid Dreaming: Creating Your Ideal Day Visualization 20:17
2. Conscious Dreams: Pre-Sleep Lucid Dreaming Relaxation 21:30

Release date: May 5, 2011

Published Reviews

Amo la Musica
"We continue our journey into the world of music and meditative New Age, masterfully played by David and Steve Gordon, founders and owners of Sequoia Records, which we had the pleasure to interview a few weeks ago. This kind of music is recognized and appreciated throughout the world, both for its extraordinary ability to relax, and also for the development that is able to operate in many other electronic genres, starting from 'to arrive at Ambient Chill Out And so, the first listen...

And so, after the first listening of the mp3 download of "Creative Dreaming" your body and your spirit will thank you for the leap in quality that have made possible. The sonic textures in the two songs are from 20 minutes without rhythm, in a climate of unique temporal suspension. Everything is marked by sweet and suffused pads that accompany the listener in a world of peace.

The first few minutes of the song Preparation for Lucid Dreaming are characterized by a voice guidance, with great delicacy, advises the listener to relax , to be focused only on themselves, to feel your body lighten guided by the musical pads, natural sounds and piano notes. The female voice that guides the listener back in the second half of the song, almost inviting to repeat the experience again before returning to reality, in a continuous cycle that never seems to stop.

The second song, Creative Dreaming, which comes immediately after the first, preparatory, continues the sonic textures of the first and apparently immediately with the "instructions for use": this track, in fact, must be heard before falling asleep to face a night serene, calm and above all full of beautiful dreams. A valuable aid to wake up more relaxed than ever and start your day, especially if you have to go to work or school.

It can be a commitment to listen to a guided meditation like this, but God help us if music did not exist... Our life would just be a huge mess!"

An Angel's Kiss
This is a great guided meditation. The voice of Dr. Arlene Alexander is angelic, a slight reverb on her voice creates a tranquility in her words and suggestions. I become relaxed immediately upon putting this CD on and have found it to help me to create detailed visualizations and understand myself better. The music by Steve and David Gordon is very soothing and comforting. This is definitely one of the better guided meditations on the market. Highly recommended.

Music Design in Review
Dr. Arlene Alexander returns with a set of meditations designed to help you harness the power of your dreams. The first meditation begins with instruction in proper breathing and preparation. Listeners are then guided into visualizing their idea of the perfect day, thus opening the imagination to help one enter a lucid dreaming state. The session also includes self-massage of the eyes and face to further prepare the listener. The second session begins with a pranayama-style single nostril breathing exercise, followed by a passive progressive relaxation exercise. You will then be led off into the world of dreams to begin your lucid journey. Each meditation features the soft, soothing voice of Dr. Alexander as a guide. Adding to the experience is the equally tranquil music of David & Steve Gordon - flowing, atmospheric ambience that cradles the mind and spirit.

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