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Return to the renowned place to chill - Get in the mood with the latest from the award-winning European series featuring the most gratifying chill/lounge tracks from around the planet. Groundbreaking DJs the Gordon Brothers once again demonstrate their unrivalled track selection and exceptional mixing with this entrancing set that blends unique global sounds, entrancing vocals and sensuous electronica. Enjoy the impeccably cool grooves of favorite artists such as Jens Gad, Artemisia, The Moontrane Conductors, Jaya Lakshmi, The Gordon Brothers, and Achillea, plus hot new artists 7and5, Zayin and PXR8. Once again, the Gordons have masterfully created a soothing and eclectic blend of hypnotic beats, ethereal vocals and ethnic flavors; the ultimate soundtrack for entertaining, yoga, intimate rendezvous or just chillin' at home. With each release becoming more popular and further reinforcing its reputation, you can rest assured that Buddha-Lounge is the one to follow. Settle back, unwind and savor!


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 Track Title Time 
1. Amor - Parte I [Achillea] 4:59
2. Blueshift [Jens Gad Presents] 3:20
3. Forward Way Back [7and5] 5:47
4. Balance Dance (Sapphire Mix) [Steve Gordon] 7:32
5. The Empty Sea [The Moontrane Conductors] 3:36
6. Fire Dancer [The Gordon Brothers] 6:17
7. 3005 (Chilled Mix) [PXR8] 5:44
8. Shiva Shankar [Jaya Lakshmi] 7:13
9. A Night in Martinique [David Gordon] 5:07
10. Perfumed Garden [Artemisia] 5:54
11. Balaam [Zayin] 6:30
12. Day Dreamed [The Gordon Brothers] 5:55

Release date: April 1, 2008

Published Reviews

Music Design In Review
Like an fine wine, Sequoia Groove's phenomenally popular Buddha Lounge series has a reputation for being smooth, nuanced with subtle flavors and perfect for a night of entertaining. BUDDHA-LOUNGE 6 proves to be another strong vintage, with its lightly intoxicating mix of globally inspired rhythms from artists like Jaya Lakshmi, David & Steve Gordon, Achillea, Artemisia and other top-notch artists from both sides of the Atlantic. The mood is mellow and the rhythms are laid back, possessing enough style to make the music suitable for a club and enough intimacy to earn it a place in one's living room rotation. The seamless mixing by the Gordon Brothers keeps you immersed in the entrancing grooves, allowing you to savor the atmosphere they create. Aged to perfection and certain to please!

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These comments are from the Compact Disc version of the album:

Great Compilation
Itīs a wonderful compilation with various styles and sounds ... absolutely GREAT!!! You can listen to music like this on my New Age Channel on www.woodroot-radio.eu also!! — Musicscout Germany

Chill Chill Chill
Very cool beats, mellow and yet exciting; a very chill collection of sounds and vocals. I hope there is a Buddha Lounge 7 very soon. — Shanti Manidai Austin, TX, USA

Hypnotic & Beautiful
The atmosphere that this ambient music creates is hypnotic and beautiful. The music is perfect any time, any place, any occasion. Perfect for my drive home from work and still perfect during dinner and then a bath. This is music to be shared, much like Angels Voices, another gift from God. — Alice Meyers Wilmington, NC, USA

Great Electronica!!!!!
Magic, pure mystical, uninhibited electronica magic. — Abraham Geill Huntsville, AL, USA

When I heard Buddha Lounge 1 I was in heaven, I didn’t know it could get better, and yet 6 just takes my breath away! — Logan McNally Salt Lake City, UT, US

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