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Return to the place where Celtic Enchantment Meets Mystical Chill-out. - The ancient and the modern meet once again in this entrancing and deeply moving Celtic set mixed by the Gordon Brothers (Buddha-Lounge, Hotel Tara). Artists of the highest caliber both renown as well as rising stars come together on this gorgeous collection, such as Gary Stadler, Singh Kaur, Tina Malia, Stephannie, Achillea, Everstar, Sharon Knight, David & Steve Gordon, Stella Mara and Alquimia as they transport you to a magical place of myth and mystery. Instrumental and vocal pieces with haunting melodies and ethereal atmosphere transport you to a mystical land where standing stones are shrouded in fog upon emerald green hills as waves crash against tall cliffs and stony beaches. A mood of graceful beauty unfolds in this exquisite Celtic collection making it a wonderful companion and perfect choice for reading, working, falling asleep or quiet reflection and daydreaming.

• #7 on iTunes 2007 Best World Albums

Extended length logo for celtic music mp3 the Celtic Lounge ll by David and Steve Gordon.

Listen To Samples:

 Track Title Time 
1. Fairy Ring [Gary Stadler & Singh Kaur] 7:39
2. Lilac Blooms (Under the Rising Moon) [Tina Malia] 5:43
3. Ragnarok - Twilight of the Gods [Achillea] 5:57
4. The Lass of Glenshee [Alquimia] 4:24
5. The Secret Rose [Steve Gordon] 4:38
6. Faraway [Gary Stadler & Stephannie] 8:30
7. The Foggy Dew [David Gordon] 5:12
8. Spark in the Night [Singh Kaur] 7:40
9. Land of the Star [EverStar] 4:38
10. Song Of The Sea [Sharon Knight] 6:22
11. Fly Away [Gary Stadler & Wendy Rule] 5:43

Release date: May 1, 2007

Published Reviews

New Age Retailer
A magical, mystical collection of hauntingly beautiful vocals and instrumentals inspired by the Emerald Isle, compiled by the Gordon Brothers of Buddha-Lounge fame. Some pieces are quiet and mysterious (Ragnarock - Twilight of the Gods by Achillea), and others like "Lilac Blooms" from Tina Malia are celebratory. The beautifully ethereal voice of Singh Kaur graces two songs on this CD. Steve and David Gordon each contribute previously unreleased tracks to this collection; both are lovely, soft, dreamy and gentle.

Music Design In Review
Ethereal bliss awaits anyone who pays a visit to Sequoia Groove's "Celtic Lounge," where tender beauty, chilled ambience and the spirit of the Celts intersect. Celtic Lounge II picks up where the hugely popular original left off, featuring another enchanting assortment of songs that includes groundbreaking artists like Tina Malia, Singh Kaur, Steve Gordon, Gary Stadler, and Stella Mara. The album opens with the heart-warming, piano-led "Fairy Ring" from Stadler and Kaur, which starts the journey on a whimsical note. Don't expect to come down from this high anytime soon, as songs like Malia's vibrant "Lilac Blooms (Under the Rising Moon)," Achillea's "Land of the Elves" and Alquimia's bittersweet "The Lass of Glenshee" will keep you elated. Whether you're looking to relax with a book or sip a cocktail with friends at a dinner party - the atmosphere conjured by this album is sublime.

Electronic Music Mall
The songs and instrumentals are bound together with Celtic roots. The tracks have an acoustic structure - folk guitars and pianos supporting mesmerizing female vocals. There are a range of other sounds to broaden the appeal - delicate harp, mandolin, soft strings, deft electronic programming and more. Solo instrumentals are provided by the compilers of this album, Steve and David Gordon..A strong compilation of talent both new and well established - Jens Gad's Achillea, Singh Kaur, Tina Malia, Alquimia, Stephannie, Sharon Knight and Wendy Rule. .An atmosphere of lonely places and beautiful countryside. Some of the proceeds of this CD are donated to The Rainforest Action Network.
In the tradition of the Buddha Bar and chill-out discs comes the moody northern flow of The Celtic Lounge II, an mp3 download collection of lilting, heartrending ballads from the likes of Tina Malia, Gary Stadler, Stephanie Stadler, and Sharon Knight. These artists are frequent openers on chill-out discs, but it's quite a different experience to have them all assembled together, like a calling of the very mellowest of Celtic tribes for a postfeast dance and loll amidst the rolling moss and mist. If you are new to the world of Celtic chill-out, then this is a great place to start. It's the ideal disc for unwinding at home after an evening out, driving through the rolling hills in a warm spring wind, or having late night drinks in a misty garden under a full moon.

Tina Malia kicks things off with "Lilac Blooms (Under the Rising Moon)" her fragile, clear glass voice emanating like rippling waves of healing yin energy among the darker drones, a lovely green princess bestowing blessings along a line of dark, ready warriors about to journey deep into the forest. When she sings "I want my hands on the breath of life," it's at once spiritual and sensual, a declaration of abandonment and a vow of faith. A standout amidst the lush orchestral sweep of most tracks is David Gordon's hushed solo-piano rendition of the old Irish drinking standard, "The Foggy Dew." He effortlessly captures all the melancholy ache of the song and some spiritual transcendence besides.

Gary Stadler plays on two tracks with two different chanteuses: Stephanie for the melting ice-cap melodies of "Faraway" and Wendy Rule for the cinematic sweepings of "Fly Away." Her voice vaguely girlish and innocent, Rule's request to "Fly away with me / Release the ground below / There's everything to see / And everywhere to go," over gently unraveling piano, has the graceful precision of a recital that's so good you forgot you were dragged there. Stephanie is more of a diva, cooing long, bending vowels over the rolling keys and gently flowing rivers of Celtic harp. A fine collection of northern flavors, The Celtic Lounge II makes coming home from a hard day at the office seem like coming home to a warm hearth after a cold month away on the windswept sea.

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