Perfect Balance: Musical Healing 2 by David and Steve Gordon and Sequoia Records Artists Perfect Balance
Musical Healing, Vol. 2
David & Steve Gordon with Sequoia Artists

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Renew, reflect and relax into perfect balance - Transform your entire being with this exquisitely tranquil musical retreat for your body, mind and spirit. Immerse yourself in this superbly crafted collection of sonic treasures featuring the most blissful musical gems from some of today's foremost masters of healing music including David & Steve Gordon, Sophia, Gary Stadler, Ashron, Everstar, Shajan and Bernd Scholl - including many brand new songs from your favorite artists. You'll discover a new, ultimately relaxing and timeless way of being with these exceptionally soothing soundscapes, featuring gently calming harp, flute, guitar, tamboura, cello and piano with angelic vocals, serene keyboard atmospheres and the most peaceful sounds of nature imaginable - the perfect musical compliment for yoga, Pilates, massage, and the healing arts. Just press play and feel the stress melt away as you effortlessly experience your quite center of perfect balance within.


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 Track Title Time 
1. Uyll [Gary Stadler & Wendy Rule] 4:42
2. Precious Water Reprise [David & Steve Gordon] 5:06
3. Golden Light [Ashron] 6:00
4. Nature Spirits (Balance Mix) [David & Steve Gordon] 6:30
5. Watermoon [Bernd Scholl] 5:34
6. Hidden Oasis (Yoga Mix) [David & Steve Gordon] 5:00
7. Natural Healing (Excerpt) [Shajan] 6:30
8. Rainforest Sunrise (Om Mix) [David & Steve Gordon] 6:00
9. River Running [EverStar] 5:05
10. Lightstreams [David & Steve Gordon] 1:13
11. Lines in the Sand [David Gordon] 6:38
12. Rainforest Sunset (Peace Mix) [David & Steve Gordon] 6:00
13. 7th Chakra; Be Still [Sophia] 5:32
14. Radiant Sea Reprise [David & Steve Gordon] 1:04

Release date: February 1, 2005

Published Reviews

New Age Retailer
Perfect Balance: Musical Healing, Vol. 2 was created to help people attain a state of meditative relaxation. The album includes tracks from some of the best-known Sequoia Records artists, including David and Steve Gordon, Gary Stadler and Shajan. While all of these 14 songs help create a gentle, peaceful environment, I especially enjoy the selections that include nature sounds, including bird song and water splashing onto the shore, such as on the Gordons Precious Water Reprise and Nature Spirits. Ashrons Golden Light is captivating, taking quick snippets of bird calls and electronically echoing them within the construct of steady, fluid keyboard notes. A fine album.

Music Design In Review
Transform your spirit with this inviting musical retreat for your body and mind featuring the most blissfully serene gems and many new songs from todays foremost masters of healing music David & Steve Gordon, Sophia, Shajan, Gary Stadler, EverStar and more. Discover a new relaxed, timeless way of being with this soothing soundscape to enhance yoga, meditation, Reiki and all healing arts. Feel stress melt away as you find your center of perfect balance within.

Innerchange Magazine
Perfect Balance is music for transformation compiled and mixed by David and Steven Gordon. Contributing magnificently to this soundscape, are songbirds and sounds from nature, perfectly blended with the music. I love the flow of one track to the next, and the varied style and instrumentation. Perfect Balance is ideal for meditation, massage, healing arts, yoga & background enhancement. Listening may inspire you to take a walk in the woods on a fresh Fall morning. I recommend adding this bird song, awakening music to your collection.
   — Ron Rudin

Awareness Magazine
Perfect Balance: Musical Healing Vol. 2 is a set of 14 pastoral ambient tracks from the Sequoia Records label. This is extraordinary enlightening electro-acoustic ambience.the selections and the tracking are superb. David and Steve Gordon have taken these 14 pieces and molded them into one huge healing soundscape. Their talent makes the disc flow as each composition has its own electro-acoustic sound design and all employ sweet nature samples and strong overtone drones. The sound designs speak directly to the soul and are intended for use with meditation, yoga, massage and all the healing arts. The atmospheres will transform the listeners spirit and heart with warmth and tenderness. This CD is a magical and essential healing experience.

Customer Comments

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These comments are from the Compact Disc version of the album:

Feels like i am in Paradise!
This music is very light which makes the tight heart light. I am melting with it! —  Vasu, India

Check out Chakra Healing Chants too!
I’ve searched high and low for music so well composed and yet so fluid, I was so thoroughly impressed by this album I quickly jumped online and sought out more by these artists and fell in love with Chakra Healing Chants as well. —  Jay Martinez Hanalei, HI,

Find your peace in the music
Perfect Balance is a glorious tool in finding center, peacefully and wholly. — T.Y.

Take me away…
When I need to escape this is where I go. —  S. Weaver

I love this stuff!
My son likes to listen to Musical Healing when going to bed at night. I also sell this healing music at my crystal shop and it flys off the shelf! —  Elizabeth Gonzalez Dover, DE, US

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