Earth Drum: The 25th Anniversary Collection Vol. 1 by David and Steve Gordon. Earth Drum: The 25th Anniversary Collection, Vol. 1
The 25th Anniversary Collection, Vol. 1
David & Steve Gordon

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Feel the rhythms of the earth - Drums from around the globe mix with spellbinding Native-American Flute, Incan Pan Pipes, guitars, ancient chants, sacred atmospheres and sounds of nature. Ground-breaking "sound-explorers" the Gordon Brothers, have chosen their favorite drumming songs from their award-winning career for this 25th Anniversary collection. The Gordon's bestselling blend of world instruments and natural sounds is sought after for yoga, dancing, massage and the healing arts. They are unmatched in their ability to use healing Shaman rhythms to soothe and renew body and soul. Move to the ancient tribal rhythms and become drawn into the dance - for the gift of life and of the earth! Includes a FREE BONUS DVD (not available on the MP3 download version) with breathtaking scenery of some of the world's most beautiful places featuring the Gordons' entrancing surround-sound audio score. Originally filmed in high definition, these nature films combined with the Gordons' music creates a truly multi-sensory experience.

• MUSIC & VISION series - Includes Audio CD plus FREE BONUS DVD
    (region 1 DVD encoding: USA & Canada)
• 2008 COVR Record of the Year
    (Tie with Celtic Lounge III by Sequoia Artists)
• 2008 COVR Best World Album
    (Tie with Celtic Lounge III by Sequoia Artists)

Music and Vision logo for drum music CD Earth Drum 25th Anniversary Collection Vol. 1 by David & Steve Gordon.COVR 2008 Visionary Music Award for Earth Drum, Best World AlbumCOVR 2008 Visionary Award for Earth Drum, Record of the Year.

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 Track Title Time 
1. Ancient Way 8:05
2. Dancing For A Vision 9:25
3. Within the Cloud Lodge 6:57
4. Sun Blessing (FireHeart Edit) 8:55
5. Thunder Dreamer 7:32
6. Spirit Vision 6:32
7. South Wind Meeting (Harvest Mix) 5:59
8. Power Animals 8:42

Release date: February 1, 2008

Published Reviews

LA Yoga
With this release the Gordon brothers have compiled a variety of music from an extensive list of recordings. This album features flutes, guitars and a wide range of instruments from around the world. The compositions focus on primal rhythms produced by David and his brother Steve. The alchemy of Native American flutes, Incan pan pipes, acoustic and electric guitars blend into natural soundscapes that generate positive energy and tranquility.

Unlike most percussion-driven collections, the tracks on this release are relaxing. The tribal rhythms tend to inspire movement and dance, making this album a good one for active yoga environments. The overall feel of these candid compositions would work well in a holistic environment.

   — Michael Molluais,

Earth Drum is a rather special album from the Sequoia label - The 25th Anniversary Collection, Vol. 1. Part of Sequoia's new "Music and Vision" series, this is a multi-media double disc release. To celebrate the occasion, the Gordon brothers have looked back over a twenty-five year career to pull together some percussive highlights showcasing their love of ethnic music and the richness of beaten skins. Eight tracks of tranquil, inviting music along with a free DVD are presented as the result. The visuals are in the form of breathtaking sceneries slowly unfolding before the eye - lush forests clothed with dense mosses, immense canyons and dramatic rock formations, heaving rivers and mist shrouded falls, panoramic plains, rolling ocean waves. Whether this package comes to you as an introduction to David and Steve Gordon's music or as a familiar highlights album, you won't disappointed, it seems that every effort has been put into making this a quality release jam packed with written, musical and visual content.

Awareness Magazine
David and Steve Gordon began living their dream 25 years ago. They created Sequoia Records as the label for their own tribal-influenced and deep-healing soundscapes. Today, it is one of the finest labels for new age, healing, tribal and Shamanic healing music. The label features more than a dozen artists. Earth Drum: The 25th Anniversary Collection, Vol. 1, is a collection of eight compositions from four of David's and Steve's CD's. It is a two-disc set one audio and one audio/visual. It is an amazing adventure.

The music is deep and atmospheric. David and Steve use a wide assortment of acoustic instruments and devices, electronics, keyboards, loops and programming. The pieces are serene and divine. The rhythms mesmerize, energize and sensitize deep listeners. They also relax as listeners' biorhythms attune to the beats. The movements are contagious and fulfilling.

The sound design is flawless. The brothers are in tune with nature and the spirit and soul of Mother Earth. Their arrangements tap into that connection and the organic textures become real and surreal and overt and subtle. They intertwine with the acoustic timbres to deliver strong healing power.

The video is from another plane entirely. The film is all nature scenes. The images are crystal clear and sharp. The colors are so vivid it seems almost animated at times. It comes off the screen as three dimensional.

The videos enhance the serenity of the experience. It is easy to get lost in and enveloped by the music and video. It is only necessary to show up. David and Steve provide all the directions and instructions.

This kind of music evokes several different imageries from the nature scenes in the video to psychedelia from the 60's to outer space scenery from the new millennium. The presented format forms a holistic package that allows listeners/viewers to follow the soul wherever it wills to go.

   — Jim Brenholts
David and Steve Gordon's Earth Drum [is] an engaging showcase of 25 years of rhythm and melody.

There are just eight tracks on the recording, each long enough to develop a slightly hypnotic quality. Deep-throated Native American drums are at the forefront; accompanying them is an eclectic assortment of other instruments, including pan flutes, keyboards and electric guitars. Fortunately, the synthesizers and nature sounds rarely eclipse the intricate rhythms at the music's core.

The mixture of contemporary and ancient elements works particularly well on the opening track, "Ancient Way," a solitary, contemplative outing on wooden flutes and tribal drums. Halfway through, the electric guitar slips in unobtrusively to re-interpret the flute melody. Earth Drum offers such gems as "Sun Blessing" with its intricate 9/8 rhythm, and the solemn and atmospheric "South Wind Meeting" with its audacious but successful combination of Lakota and Tibetan chant.

Detailed liner notes provide information on the Gordon Brothers' inspiration and instrumentation. As a bonus, the CD includes a DVD that sets the music to images of serene landscapes, making it even more ideal for yoga or breathing exercises.

Music Design In Review
Choosing highlights from a 25 year career is no easy task, but long-time percussive innovators David & Steve Gordon are up to the challenge and even take things a step further with EARTH DRUM. The music is rich in deep, soulful, shamanic-style percussion, featuring Native American flute harmonies, Andean pan pipes, electric and acoustic guitars and keyboard ambience. The album's liner notes offer insight into the Gordons' inspirations for each song.

Customer Comments

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A highly recommended cd (& dvd)
I am so happy with my purchase of this CD, it is breathtaking and the bonus DVD is a wonderful idea! I love it! — Kim Noble Fresno, CA, USA

In gratitude...
What a spiritual awakening. I love this during my meditations!! — Brad Fannarra Boulder , CO, USA

The finest drumming collection I've ever heard
I have always been fans of Steve and David Gordon (I bought Drum Medicine a looong time ago) and this is, in my opinion, a fantastic collection of their finest work. I continue to follow their musical journey for treasures such as this. I have given this as gifts several times since discovering it. Even to two that really aren't into drumming or "Spiritual" music at all - They both LOVED it! There is something very grounded and connected within the notes of these tracks. I highly recommend this CD. Not to mention the dvd!? Beautiful!!! — Maria Azuego Austin, TX, US

This is inspiring. I love the blend of world music and Native American Music. The true passion within this CD is clear and felt wholeheartedly. What a BEAUTIFUL DVD to go along with the drum music! — Sui Lin Southern , FL, USA

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