Garden of Serenity III by David and Steve Gordon Garden of Serenity III
Inner Music Series
David & Steve Gordon

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Renew Your Soul in the Garden. Enter your own lush and secluded European garden, where you can go to rejuvenate your body and mind. David & Steve Gordon continue their acclaimed Garden of Serenity series, artfully blending Elizabethan and classically-influenced music, which is proven to reduce stress, with soothing harp, flute, piano, strings, lute and pure sounds of nature. Ideal for Yoga, Massage or any time you need to relax.


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 Track Title Time 
1. English Garden Suite i. Sacred Grove 4:46
2. English Garden Suite ii. Peaceful Fountain 4:55
3. English Garden Suite iii Spring of Dreams 6:37
4. English Garden Suite iv. In the Summer House 3:31
5. English Garden Suite v. Breath of Evening 4:39
6. English Garden Suite vi. Secret Pathway 6:47
7. Water Garden Suite i. Reflections 9:56
8. Water Garden Suite ii. Flowing Grace 11:11
9. Water Garden Suite iii. Mirror Pool 9:17

Release date: February 1, 2004

Published Reviews

Backroads Music
a delicate blend of music and nature sounds. The classically influenced music is aimed at relaxation, offering a way to reduce stress or provide a backdrop to the healing arts. Musical duo of The Gordons began, with nature/music blends that were for unwinding and calming spaces. Since then, they have gone on to world music, but these soothing sounds are where it all began, and they still have the artistry to further the genre with this new release.
   — Lloyd Bard

Music Design In Review
What could be more peaceful than being immersed in an environment filled with the tranquil singing of birds, the gentle splash of water tumbling into a fountain's basin or the carefree sound of leaves blowing in the wind? The answer is the same soundscape overlaid with the luxuriously peaceful atmospheres of David and Steve Gordon. GARDEN OF SERENITY III, the latest in the pair's highly successful series, is a rejuvenating oasis of calm that pairs natural ambiance with the idyllic sounds of guitar, lute, flute, harp and synthesizers. The music's Elizabethan and Baroque Classical overtones give the melodies a quiet elegance that fits well with the garden theme and the peaceful nature of the music makes it a must for any sort of relaxation or healing activity.

The Pagan Review
Garden of Serenity III contains two suites, the first, English Garden Suite is royal and regal, fairylike and at times solemn and processionalthis would be the perfect music for a wedding or formal handfasting. Offering a feeling of somber calm. Suite two, Water Garden Suite, is reflective, happy and uplifting, reminding me of wind chimes with Oriental overtones that are very peaceful and trance-like. You can hear the waves on the shore, yet I felt like I was in a forest surrounded by lush greenery. This is an excellent CD for yoga, meditation, or for ritual use.

Customer Comments

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Keeps our spirits up...
I have a niece who is going through a very hard time right now and I try have her over for dinner & encouragement as much as possible. This has been the best background new age music for us. It is reflective and peaceful and also keeps our spirits up with its tempo and instrumentals. — Timber Dane Salem, OR, USA

Dr. Recommended
I am a Chiropractor and have this playing in my front office and Traction room. I often get wonderful compliments on it and I think it gives people just the right amount of necessary relaxation before heading in for an adjustment. — Nicholas Fibee Ashland, KY, US

Serene & Introspective
Garden of Serenity 3 is like a walk in the park! — Lorna Moore Chicago, IL, US

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