Oneness by David and Steve Gordon Oneness
Inner Music Series
David & Steve Gordon

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Experience the perfect peace and profound relaxation of deep meditation. This soothing musical soundtrack of floating ethereal sounds gently guides you into an extremely pleasurable altered state. To further deepen this euphoria, sounds which have been used for thousands of years to induce a meditative state were also used, including Tibetan temple bells, Chinese wind chimes, Indian tamboura and silver flute. The result is a potent tool for meditation, visualization and massage. Great for brain-machines, floatation tanks, and any time you need powerful and effective meditation music.

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 Track Title Time 
1. Waves of Bliss, Part I 31.14
2. Plane of Forgiveness, Part I 32:01
3. Waves of Bliss, Part II 5:05
4. Plane of Forgiveness, Part II 4:57

Release date: January 1, 1987

Published Reviews

Pulse! Magazine
Dave and Steve Gordon combine hi-tech synthesizers with ancient acoustic instruments to create ethereal atmospheres that evoke contemplative bliss, inner peace and universal love. Authentic new age music for adventurous listeners who want more than jazz-inflected new age pop tunes.
   — Lee Underwood

Body, Mind, Spirit Magazine
In Oneness, the Gordon brothers successfully create a floating, ethereal atmosphere of transparent, undulating sound that serenely evokes the contemplative bliss of higher-consciousness. The Gordons combine the sparkling textures of synthesizers with Tibetan bells, Chinese wind chimes, the Indian tamboura, the silver flute and the music of nature.

All Music Guide
These sonic environments for massage, relaxation and meditation sparkle with starlight and chimes and temple bells, are given substance with bass vibrations and drones, and are moved along by spacewinds and the sensation of sounds approaching and receding as your mind flies by. Electronic sequences, fades, echoes, and delays, mixed with the flute, nature sounds, Indian tamboura, and temple bells, combine to give freshen the mind and relax the body. "Waves of Bliss" also offers angelic voices in duet with songbirds. It's like being in Shangri-La. Oneness is part of their "Inner Music Series.
   — Carol Wright

Heartbeats Catalog
This is one of the definitive ultra-floaty, space music albums!
   — Lloyd Barde

Heartsong Review
This soothing and etheric music creates an atmosphere of deep peace and tranquility, reflecting our inner feeling of unity and oneness. The artists are portraying the inner sounds of the balance and harmony experienced during meditation.

The sounds of a digital synthesizer are blended with Tibetan temple bells, Chinese wind chimes, Indian tamboura and silver flute. Each side has one uninterrupted song: Side 1 is Waves of Bliss and Side 2 is Plane of Forgiveness. Floating, swaying music with a slow vibrant melody, it is more interesting and beautiful than many albums intended for meditation. This powerful and blissful music would enhance any meditation, visualization, massage, or other forms of healing. The production is very clear.

   — Loma Lindsay

Customer Comments

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New fan of the Gordons' softer side
I have been listening to the Native inspired music David and Steve Gordon have been creating for years. I only recently was introduced to a whole other side of their musical talent when I picked up Oneness. Just as breathtaking as the music I have heard before, they deliver peace and tranquility through their relaxation and meditation music. — Greg Nealy Lake City , Ga, United States

The entire disc is beautiful.
I became first acquainted with Dave and Steve via Sacred Earth Drums, but now I also love this floating meditation music of Oneness. Bravo! —  Doug Vencill Coventry, RI,

Promote a peaceful mind
Oneness is an incredible CD! It Evokes only wonderful and positive feelings. —  Dawn Ennis

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