Enchanted Journey by Everstar Enchanted Journey - Music Inspired by the Lord of the Rings

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Believe... Enter a world of enchantment. Join Everstar on their magical travels into realms of myth and mystery inspired by 'The Lord of the Rings'. Magic abounds with sounds of both orchestral and exotic instruments, as well as grand piano, classical, 12-string and electric guitars, silver flute, Celtic harp and percussion. The moods move through symphonic flare, to misty soundscapes and renaissance-flavored dances - all touched by the special mastery of the musicians of Everstar. This engaging album transports you to a magical would and will intrigue and delight all fans of fantasy. Produced by award-winning artists, David and Steve Gordon.

• Music Inspired By The Lord of the Rings

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 Track Title Time 
1. Departure from the Shire 8:27
2. Fellowship Travels 6:14
3. Gates of Morning 6:42
4. River Running 5:05
5. Lady of the Golden Wood 4:41
6. On the Road to Rivendell 3:45
7. Land of the Star 5:43
8. Silver Fountains Fall 4:36
9. The Grey Havens 7:11

Release date: July 15, 2003

Published Reviews

Circle of Stones
This CD by Everstar celebrates the world of Tolkien in a tribute to the Lord of the Rings. With beautiful and uplifting music, it is easy to imagine a world where people of all races can come together and work towards a goal for the betterment of all. Missing from this CD is the sadness and impending doom through which the characters suffer. Enchanted Journey focuses on the positive, the love, the friendship between the companions as they set out on an impossible journey, and fought to overcome the most daunting of obstacles. It is difficult to single out any single song from Enchanted Journey and comment on it individually, as the music blends together, supporting the songs before and after each, growing from each other and building onto one another. Enchanted Journey is a truly glorious commemoration of world peace, love, justice and harmony.

Music Design In Review
The bestselling novel (and subsequent blockbuster movie) "Lord of the Rings" is the main source of inspiration for the group EverStar. ENCHANTED JOURNEY uses mystical-sounding electronic instrumentation to interpret the exploits of Frodo and company, including electric piano and guitar, meandering percussion and heavy synthesizer washes. "Departure from the Shire," the album's opening track, is a cross between renaissance/medieval and classic synthesizer ambient music that sets an adventurous tone for the album. Other highlights include "Lady of the Golden Leaves" and "Road to Rivendell." Fans of David Arkenstone's earlier fantasy-based themes will enjoy this release.

Everstar's "Enchanted Journey" is a captivating, serene, mystical, musical journey into enchanted lands. Melt into the beauty of this Celtic inspired mysterious masterpiece with a flavor of renaissance. This album was inspired by "The Lord of the Rings" with songs filled with piano, 12-string and electric guitars, silver flute, bells, Celtic harp and percussion. These soundscapes are beautiful and soothing to the ears!

All Music Guide
Steve and David Gordon play all the instruments on this album of melodic compositions. They begin to use digital sound samples, so the computerized/live musical boundaries blend. The album begins with "Departure from the Shire," a magical processional that conjures up medieval courtyards. The vision is then whisked away with spacewinds and celestial chimes, and a crystalline world grows in its place. There are magical marches suitable for the wizard minded. "The Grey Havens," with celebratory bells and the Gordons' overlapping instruments, is infectiously charming.
   — Carol Wright

Heartsong Review
David and Steve Gordon, producers of Everstar, give us an album of mellow, rich music with an underlying vibrancy and sparkle. An array of acoustic instruments and synthesizers are used to give a polished, professional sound. Moods range from relaxed, soothing and romantic to moving crescendos, but always stay within a flowing, undemanding style.

Lady of the Golden Wood evokes a garden filled, the shimmering aura of the Goddess, who unites ethereal and earthly qualities in her enchanting being., On the Road to Rivendell changes to a sensuous, soulful tune with the rhythm of the hobbits on their journey. Land of the Star sounds like trumpets heralding a new age of global peace and harmony with muted drum and variations on the synthesizer. Departure from the Shire is sparkling easy going electronic music combined with a warm acoustic guitar. This music is good for movement, for gatherings, and for driving - whenever you want a little energy without a frantic buzz.

Love at First listen! Enter a bright new world of musical fantasy, where cities of light await you just over the next hill. Welcome to magical electronic music by an exciting new group called Everstar.. Others have taken you up to the threshold, now Everstar takes you beyond --- to the highest level yet of new age musical experience. Their widely acclaimed debut recording Enchanted Journey is what you've always known progressive new age music could be!

This masterful recording is a result of an entire years effort. It was produced by Steve and David Gordon, who are known for their own best-selling new age music. The incredible depth of rich sound was created by an array of state o the art electronic keyboards as well as electric and acoustic guitars.

Enchanted Journey is a joyful musical celebration---dedicated to the light of universal love within all beings - and to a new day of global peace and harmony. This uplifting music takes you to the source of light within yourself. The majestic melodies and rhythms open your heart, as you see that same light shining within everyone and All That Is.

Body Mind Spirit
This is magical music for electronic and acoustic instruments, dedicated to the light of universal love. Featuring music produced by Steve and David Gordon, Enchanted Journey blends positive consciousness with Celtic melodic patterns emphasizing guitars, grand piano, synthesizers, bass and percussion. The Gordons have released almost a dozen (now over 35) New Age recordings, most of which feature peaceful meditative and uplifting instrumental selections. The transformational songs performed on the debut release of Everstar are vibrant, vital, and inspiring.

The most recent album-length new age interpretation of Tolkien comes from David and Steve Gordon, orchestrators of EverStar and co-founders of the Sequoia Records label on which their work appears. EverStar is a six-person ensemble combining electronic with classical instrumentation, a mixture which facilitates a broader musical range than many new age music artists. The judicious deployment of percussion and (occasionally) electric guitar provides variety and a safeguard against over dominance by the ever-present synthesizer. On the whole, EverStar succeeds in achieving a balanced sound that is pleasant and engaging.

Their present release, "Enchanted Journey", offers a selection of nine musical sketches of various localities from Tolkien's mythology (mostly Lord of the Rings, but including allusions to The Hobbit and Silmarillion). Apart from the first and final tracks ("Departure from the Shire" and "The Grey Havens" respectively), the titles follow no particular chronological order, nor do they attempt anything like a musical accompaniment to the trilogy. Rather, they alight on particular places or stages of the protagonists' travels that the artists have found musically inspiring, such as "River Running" or "On the Road to Rivendell."

An Angel's Kiss
The all-Elvin ensemble of musicians known as EverStar were introduces to none other than Steve and David Gordon back in 2003 after a long trip to California from the enchanted lands of Middle Earth. A fateful event ... the rest is history. EverStar was originally formed at the beginning of the Third Age of Middle-Earth and discovered in a Rivendell tavern. With the help of the Gordon Brothers, these four venturesome lads bring their enchanting blend of Celtic music into the realms of men.

The melodic compositions of EverStar contain the sounds of exotic and orchestral instruments, piano, guitars, bells, Celtic harp, silver flute, drums and percussion. Beautiful soundscapes and captivating alluring musical spell work that delights the imagination and tickles the door of enlightenment and insight to open. I cannot wait for more!

Inspired by director Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings, Enchanted Journey by EverStar is a must have for all LOTR fans, as well as lovers of Celtic and New Age music. David & Steve Gordon have done a great job both producing and playing on this recording and the cover artwork by Kaitlyn Breene is gorgeous ... truly magical.

Customer Comments

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These comments are from the Compact Disc version of the album:

Just what I was looking for…
This is magical and wonderful, inspiring and uplifting. I couldn’t ask for anything more. — June Sharp Gilroy, CA, USA

Enjoyed by our whole family.
Enchanted Journey is magnificent and inspiring. Listening to the cascading notes and wandering melodies is an evening tradition that my family and I greatly enjoy. It's our "bonding" music. We listen while we eat dinner and play board games. Thank you for giving us such a magical journey to share. Garden of Dreams is another download that I highly recommend. — Don K. Winter Haven, FL, US

Lord of the Rings fans will love this!
I’d say I’m a true LOTR fan and am more than impressed with Enchanted Journey. This is absolutely beautiful celtic music, amazing composition. — Jenna Leisy Denver, CO, USA

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