Music for Tantra & Meditation by KarmaCosmic Music for Tantra and Meditation

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It's sunrise in Kashmir and exotic fragrances fill the air. You are transported to the mystical Himalayas in this musical dream journey. Karmacosmic is an ambient music supergroup featuring three of Europe's most popular ambient music composers; Rudiger Gleisberg, Matthias Grassow and Carsten Agthe.. In their second brilliant collaboration, beautiful Indian melodies meet atmospheric New Age music sounds, percussive rhythms, ecstatic grooves and meditative soundscapes. This sensual album will become your new favorite for yoga, tantra, meditation, relaxation or chilling out.


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 Track Title Time 
1. Tantra Flow 5:41
2. Dance of Shiva 7:59
3. Full Moon over Taj Mahal 4:17
4. Shiva Beach Lounge 4.45
5. Himalaya - Home Of The Gods I 5:56
6. Holy Ganja 4:56
7. Himalaya - Home Of The Gods II 7:10
8. Goa Dreams 5:06
9. Beautiful Maya 6:30
10. Kundalini Rising 6:47

Release date: August 22, 2014

Published Reviews
On Music For Tantra & Meditation, the group known as KarmaCosmic takes New Age and Chill-Out Trance music deep into the 21st century. Among the new generation of European electronic music masters, KarmaCosmic sounds both ancient and futuristic at the same time. Fans of fantastic German space music will enjoy this CD.
   — Robert S. Silverstein

Music Design in Review
Mellow new age music and exotic Indian sounds blissfully entwine in the music of Karmacosmic, a collaboration between three European ambient music trailblazers: Rudiger Gleisberg, Matthias Grassow and Carsten Agthe. MUSIC FOR TANTRA AND MEDITATION features a rich assortment of different instrumental sounds. Serenity is key here as the compositions crest and flow with an enchanting type of Asian majesty. Spacious synthesizers provide a shimmering atmosphere, which is accented by sitar drones, chimes and lutes to give the music its gentle Eastern flavor. Some of the songs on this CD incorporate some light rhythm and vocal samples, which adds a touch of sensuality that is perfect for tantra. As a whole, the music is light and relaxed certain to give meditation, yoga and other healing practices a nice spiritual boost.

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