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Christina Lux

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There are albums that, when you first hear them, you want to call up your best friends and play them your favorite parts - and at the same time you want to keep the songs all to yourself. "Coming Home At Last" is one of these. Some artists have the ability to evoke memories of the great and small moments of one's own life in a song. Christina Lux writes and sings these kinds of songs. When people hear them they find their own world also opening as well. An acclaimed back-up singer for many stars, her masterfully composed songs are sung with a pure voice that intermingles the warmth of Norah Jones with the depth of Tori Amos; the result is soulful, authentic and engaging. Lux's songs never try to be larger than life - that makes them so familiar and at the same time so unique.

• Includes music videos of Coming Home At Last and Arms Wide Open

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 Track Title Time 
1. Coming Home At Last 3:47
2. To The World 3:53
3. Arms Wide Open 6:48
4. Abuse 4:45
5. It Ain't Mine 6:15
6. Man Without A Face 4:36
7. Healing Waters 4:21
8. Love Is My Religion 3:45
9. Endless Fall 4:00
10. Late At Night 3:36

Release date: March 1, 2007

Published Reviews

Masterfully composed ballads somewhere between Ricky Lee Jones and Shawn Colvin...Sensual music to dive into.

Guitar + Bass
From the first note played to the last on this folk-pop fusion record, you are inside the heart and world of Christina Lux. With a touch of soulful jazz, Christina's voice takes you on a musical journey of hurt, pain, healing, and hope. What separates this musician from others is a beautiful, really penetrating voice that she uses with much spontaneity and a feeling for improvisation.

Innerchange Magazine
From the first note played to the last on this folk-pop fusion record, you are inside the heart and world of Christina Lux. With a touch of soulful jazz, Christina's voice takes you on a musical journey of hurt, pain, healing, and hope.

Strong enough to be vulnerable, Christina invites the listener into her personal journey of pain and abuse and rising up again, as in track 4, Abuse, where she sings, "see the years go by, memories learn to hide, to help you survive." Track 8, Love Is My Religion, is a simple song with a timeless truth, "let's make love our religion."

There is beauty in her voice and courage in her songs as she takes you to those bittersweet places in your own heart and soul. In a world where our wounds hide in the shadows, this artist brings them out into the light for healing and peace and, in so doing, gives us the opportunity to do the same. I highly recommend Coming Home at Last. Your heart is calling.

   — Cherie Lassiter,

Play List
You will fall in love with Christina Lux's songs, which feel intimate like Norah Jones and intelligent and sexy like Tori Amos or Cheryl Wheeler. This is good stuff. Hard to categorize, is it folk, pop, blues? Yes, it's all of them, and it's really well done. Coming Home at Last is an enhanced disc that also offers two music videos.
   — Anne Williams

Music Design InReview
There is one word that accurately sums up the thought-provoking songwriting of Christina Lux'stimulating. From her deeply personal, political and social commentary-laden lyrics to her incredibly soulful voice, the German-born singer is not afraid to speak her mind and her voice has the unwavering power to mirror her conviction. Coming Home At Last describes Lux's journey from pain and sorrow to healing and redemption; a journey that will captivate you with its warmth and its therapeutic, cathartic nature. Her passionate manner of singing bears a resemblance to Corinne Bailey Rae, with arrangements that are guitar-driven with a pop music type of gloss and influences that range from jazz to blues to folk. The album is Lux's first domestic release; the songstress has already developed a strong following overseas. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the album will be going to Stop the Silence, an organization working toward the prevention of child abuse.

Daily OM
German-born singer-songwriter Christina Lux makes no bones about wanting to get right into the inner souls and emotions of her listeners: Her songs are direct examples of the hazardous riptides of love and human striving with titles like "It Ain't Mine" and "Abuse." She's been compared to Joni Mitchell and Shawn Colvin, and is a smart (perhaps genius) woman forever balancing her own brilliance and artistic drives with the need to love and be loved, and, most of all, to make music about the struggle to fulfill those needs. Her voice carries a slight Germanic ennui-ridden rasp, making her a bit of a kindred spirit to the cabaret singers of her nation's past, the ones who used to straddle chairs and smoke cigarettes in top hats while singing about love. That rasp, however, is harnessed to some light, gently bouncing soul. As its title might indicate, Coming Home at Last is a haven, a song collection as welcoming and comforting as the shoulder of a childhood best friend w! ho has just returned from a long, long trip.

"No excuses / They just blow my fuses / The body says stop / The mind can't follow / Maybe I'm frightened," goes the opening title track over somber melodic piano. The cabaret lilt is soon swallowed up by light soulful grooves and gentle drums and guitars. "Abuse" opens with the sly shuffle of brushes scraping along the snare drum while Lux goes deep into the harrowing tale of sexual abuse passed along for generations. The clear-eyed approach makes for harrowing listening, but makes the transcendent moments well earned, as on the uplifting sing-along "To the World" or "Late at Night" with its smooth fretless electric-bass meanderings and Lux's resigned declarations: "I know it doesn't help much / To start crying / But it doesn't help it all / To act as if this ain't true / I'm no good / At hiding."

This is music for mornings with coffee, sunshine, and the paper, time for sincere declarations and the openhearted yearning that we experience before the jaded poses of adulthood dim the beauty of the world in our eyes. Lux may make music on the easy-listening side of the tracks, but she doesn't throw away a single lyric; she goes for the tear ducts like a pit bull and fans love her for it. No one goes home without losing a little something along the way. But for each thing gained there's something lost, and in Coming Home at Last Christina Lux lets you know it's okay, you're safe, and you've always been. The hurt, as they say, is all hers.

Customer Comments

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survivor to thriver
beautiful music, as a survivor of child sexual abuse and other forms of abuse, I am learning to thrive instead of just survive. Your music inspires me it is very healing and I can definitely relate. —  cheryl M Read/sissy1961 Tifton, Ga, US

My new favorite artist!
Christina Lux is a talent beyond the likes of many. Her voice seers into your heart leaving lyrics of heartache and hope. I have found my new favorite folk music artist. — Summer Blanchard GLOCESTER, RI, USA

Look out world!!
Im a lover of Amos and Indigo Girls and am always on the lookout for new powerful women artists to express the soundtrack to my life in a far more beautiful way than I ever could. When I found this CD I was blown away. Lux is brilliant. I am anxiously awaiting the day when Christina Lux is a household name around the globe - trust me, it's only a matter of time untill the world figures out what a soulful and insightful artist she is. —  Sam Wynne Chico , CA, USA

I'm in Awe...
This is powerful and beautiful music, she has the voice of an angel seeking answers. —  Jamie Lee Sanders Chamisal, NM, usa

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