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Healing wisdom for your mind, body and soul - legendary songhealer Sophia takes you once again to the place where the spiritual and the sensuous meet in this blissful follow-up to her phenomenal "Chakra Healing Chants" release. Joined again by executive producer David Gordon and some of her favorite musicians - Michael Stillwater, Buddy Comfort, Raphael, Fantuzzi and the Choral Project of San Jose - Sophia beautifully activates and purifies the body's subtle energy centers with these new hypnotic grooves perfect for yoga, trance dance and massage. Drift away and within upon serene currents of sacred tamboura and angel harp (zither), ethereal keyboards and flutes, and dreamy violins and voice. "Sophia brings a magic to the world of music, sense and soul. She wraps us in a refined mystery of beauty. No matter your musical tastes, Sophia's music is a splendid journey through East and West, voice and heart." - Don Campbell (The Mozart Effect).

• Produced by David Gordon

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 Track Title Time 
1. Blessed (Blessed Am I & Blessed Are the Peacemakers) 3:31
2. Shakti (Shakti, Universal Love/Goddess Prayer & Shakti Reprise) 7:36
3. Keepers of the Garden/We Are the Ones 9:09
4. Celebrate this Day 6:26
5. Heart of the Mother/I am One 11:05

Release date: August 1, 2007

Published Reviews

Awareness Magazine
If one could part the veils to glimpse the heavenly realms, the sound they hear might be something like the music of Sophia. With a voice like an angel, her music is divinely inspired and created for the sole purpose of healing and uplifting the spirit. Sophia doesn't consider herself to be an "entertainer," but more of a facilitator through music and song to create unity and inspiration.

"Spirit Healing Chants" is a follow up to her "Chakra Healing Chants" and continues the journey to a place where the wa-ters of the sensuous and the spir- itual merge into one. Although voice is her primary instrument, on this recording she also plays tamboura, percussion, and appropriately, angel harp. Sophia is joined by a host of other musicians including Michael Stillwater, Raphael, Fantuzzi, and Buddy Comfort, among many others, and in particular Donnie Regalmuto who played a vital role in the creation of this CD. Along with Sophia's vocals, the variety of instruments, choir of voices, and high level of pro- duction create a sonic cathedral that illuminates the listener in its radiance.

In her own words, "my musical interests have been eclectic, ranging from East Indian to Native American. I like to combine chants from different cultures, to bridge between worlds." This oneness is lovingly expressed in this CD, which blends various elements with beauty and grace, touching on themes of the peacemakers, the Goddess, universal love, celebrating the day, and honoring the earth. This is Soul music of the highest order.

   — Michael Diamond

The Harmony of Health and Music
...With lush waves of harmony and rich rhythms, Sophia guides us through the ocean of sound in her newest album. From East to West, her vital essence and voice dances us into enchantment!
   — Don Campbell, Author, The Mozart Effect

Author "Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving"
Sophia has once again given us a real winner, bringing the exquisite spirit of the Divine Feminine through her beautiful music.
   — Caroline Muir

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Sophia beautifully activates and purifies the bodys subtle energy centers and helps you immerse yourself in the lush beauty of the divine Feminine with hypnotic grooves perfect for yoga, trance dance and massage.

There's definitely something more going on here than the usual meditation music. Sophia, well known and deservedly so among the new age community for her stunning Chakra Healing Chants, follows that album's success with a luminous and numinous homage and paean to the Divine Feminine.

But these chants, which are much more than simply chants, defy the usual contemplative and plaintively beautiful works we expect. There is a sublime meshing of Eastern and Western traditions, not just in lyrics, but in rhythms, instrumentation and vocals as well. The end result is haunting, scandalously seductive and sensual ear candy that makes you want to move in new and exotic ways.

While that might seem alarming, it really isn't. Sophia's lovely, jazzy vocals (which remind me of the classic vocals of the legendary Peggy Lee) -- supported by friends Michael Stillwater, Fantuzzi, Raphael, Buddy Comfort and others, and produced by Donnie Regalmuto [and David Gordon] create a body-stirring, mind-expanding, heart-opening, soul-renewing musical experience quite unlike any other. Sophia considers herself a songhealer, combining many healing traditions including Native American and Tantric. This magical work embodies them all. Highly recommended.

   — Stephen Richmond

Daily OM
With her ghostly laid-back vocals recalling 1960s vocal groups, Sophia is the perfect person to bring chant to a whole new age. Produced by New Age luminary Steve Gordon, the liner notes refer to this music as "where the spiritual meets the sensual," and the description is apt. With her high, soft voice wrapped lovingly in thick sheets of strings, tamboura, violin, piano, and guitar, Spirit Healing Chants is music solid enough that it won't float away but ethereal enough that it's barely music at all; it seems to emanate from within one's mind as well as from out of the speakers. Whatever she's chanting, someone inside your mind whom you've never even met might be answering back. Maybe you can get them to introduce you.

"I am / That I am / That I am" is the chant for "Blessed," and you can feel the drowsy knee-bending surrender to mystical abandon and gratitude, but the dharma drama is never ostentatious. The humility makes the gorgeousness all the more astounding. "Keepers of the Garden" features a processional beat and willowy wooden flute, saxophone, and drums. "We are the one we've been waiting for," goes the chant here, with Sophia singing a high countermelody in addition to her more straightforward approach.

Final track "Heart of the Mother / I Am One" is amazingly impassioned, with Sophia's long, swooping vowels riding over drums and backing vocal choirs that add a cathedral-style resonance. As the mantra repeats, the melodic structure shifts into something dreamy and relaxing, almost 1960s Tropicallia-flavored. It's no disrespect to say that Sophia's vocal gifts are such that they transcend the boundaries of any one chant genre or even music genre. At times alternative rock or operatic in sweep and scope, at other times simple, devout, and clear-eyed, Sophia always surprises and delights without ever straying from the refrain, the grace, and the profound joy it brings.

Music Design InReview
The follow-up to her landmark album CHAKRA HEALING CHANTS, Sophias SPIRIT HEALING CHANTS takes her musicianship to new levels. This album of smooth, evocative chant was inspired by the spiritual essence of the Divine Feminine, melding Sophias soft singing with ethereal backdrops (strings, angelic synths, piano, guitar) and light Asian-influenced rhythm. All of these elements are especially strong on the concluding track Heart of the Mother / I Am One, a beautiful hymn to the Goddess that utilizes Raphaels sweet synth melody and soft choral backing. Also of note is Shakti, with its organic rhythms and Sophias serene chanting of Om Tara Tuttare Ture Soha. The album features some of Sophias favorite musician/songwriter friends, like Michael Stillwater, Fantuzzi, whose collective talents help to make this her most illuminating album to date.

New Age Retailer Magazine
The liner notes refer to "the place where the spiritual and the sensuous meet." That's a good description of Sophia's sound in general and this album in particular. In the five lengthy songs, chants and melodies invoke the Divine Feminine, making this a good selection for focused meditation. Sophia's velvety vocals are enhanced by percussion, bass, violin, flutes, saxophone, keyboards and guitar.

Customer Comments

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These comments are from the Compact Disc version of the album:

We love your new album!
It is our favorite yet--and we have all of them. Each one as it has come out was our new favorite. We still use all of your albums in our Opening To Love Ceremonies--your songs say exactly what we want our students to hear. In addition to using your music in our ceremonies and seminars, we enjoy making love to your music. We find our hearts open in ecstasy and consciousness awakens effortlessly while listening to your music. Thank you and please--keep composing! —  Tomas and Joan Heartfield, Ph.D.,

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