Akwaba by TYA Akwaba

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Come Home to Ancient Roots - Tya's enticing world-trance sound could be described as Enigma meets Deep Forest. Indigenous voices blend with modern grooves in a new sound that is both deep and uplifting. One of the most requested artists from the bestselling Buddha-Lounge series and very popular in Europe, TYA (pronounced t:sch:ya, Aboriginal word for mother earth) is the creation of German composer Martin Scherl, who has spent extended time with the Australian Aborigines and was profoundly impressed with their ability to see themselves as part of whole. Feel the pulse and come home to the Earth's ancient roots!

• A Buddha-Lounge Series Featured Artist

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 Track Title Time 
1. Olelo Lohi/Speak Slowly 5:21
2. Coming Home 5:45
3. Nonamata/Long Ago 5:42
4. Why 4:23
5. Akwaba / Welcome 5:22
6. Follow the Light 6:11
7. Soft Touch 5:19
8. A Place to Rest 5:22
9. Raindance 5:16
10. Mama 4:42
11. Naked 5:38
12. Daybreak 5:00
13. Why (Instrumental) 4:07

Release date: July 1, 2004

Published Reviews

All Music Guide
Tya is a German keyboardist and programmer with an affinity for the music of aboriginal Australia and access to samples of singers like the Bulgarian Voices, Sarband, and Trinovox. Tya will win you over with his melodies, subdued but funky beats, and complex sonic textures. What makes this music so attractive is Tya's two-pronged strategy of bringing the beats right up to the front, and finding good singers to sample and using the samples well. Notice, for example, the combination of African and European voices on Coming Home and the dubwise treatment he applies to the gorgeous choral singers on Mama.
   — Rick Anderson

Music Design In Review
On his first album for Sequoia Records, the German composer lives up to his name, presenting an album that cleverly blends the earthiness of Aboriginal culture with modern beats and sampling. Actually, the album goes even further than that - this is a true cross-cultural fusion, where many different ethnic influences are juxtaposed with mid-tempo beats and techno loops for a sound that straddles the line between dance and chill-out music. The vocals of the Bulgarian Voices lends an Enigma-like flair to some of the tracks, while vocal samples from a variety of other singers and choirs give the music a tribal touch. This is a fantastic album that is a "must hear" for anyone with an interest in world fusion artists like Deep Forest.

New Age Voice
A refreshing and uplifting symphony of voices and steady rhythms echoing our tribal roots.

The New Times
This evocative and uplifting album is a mosaic of global influences.

Enigma and Deep Forest's influence are obvious, main man Martin Scherl pulls it off well. Songs such as 'Olelo Lohi/Speak Slowly' are ambient and moody, Rain Dance sounds peppy and optimistic and has the ability to put the listener in a nice, cozy trance.
   — John Dunphy

New Age Retailer Magazine
Influenced by an extended visit with native Australian Aborigines, German composer Martin Scherl began to incorporate their indigenous perspectives into the already extensive world samplings in his music. Tya, pronounced t-sha-ya, is the Aboriginal word for Mother Earth, and the name reflects Scherl's fascination with musical traditions that enhance a connection with the global community. On Akwaba, Scherl offers keyboards, world percussion, samples, and programming.

Many different voices appear on the album. "Olelo Lohi" (Speak Slowly) is the firsttrack and my favorite. The song highlights the deep, feminine voice of a Bulgarian singer, and the sound takes listeners into the dark heart of the earth. The album's tempo shifts from slow and meditative to heart-pumping and back again, creating a rhythmic variety that should appeal to many kinds of listeners. Scherl's sampling draws from cultures all over the world. Try putting Akwaba into rotation on your headphone music station.

   — Mara Applebaum

Daily OM
A German composer who has spent a lot of time playing and listening with the Aborigine people of Australia, Martin Scherl created the nom de plume Tya (pronounced "Tee-shah-ya," Aborigine for "Mother Earth") as a platform for his trance-driven excursions into the pulsing world-music scene. Deep and otherworldly while always accessible and emotionally sweeping, Tya scales the heights of operatic western emotions while always being rooted to the beating heart of the aforementioned mother and her funky percussionist children, be they from Africa, the Middle East, or Europe. Akwaba finds Tya exploring a wealth of styles, from moody and minimal to jam-out funky and passionately solemn, but the focus is always on simple, endearing compositions: melodic piano, rooted percussion, the ominous gravity of the sampled ancient tribal voices, and emotionally uplifting melodies; the haunted anima mundi quality of the tribal world as it once was and shall be again.

Showing an acumen for everything from uplifting South African chorale to minimalist piano, Tya excels most when going nowhere in particular only to find himself right there anyway, such as in the burning dub-chamber flow of "Coming Home," with its bridge of spoken tribal-chant vocals, as well as the title track's propulsive techno-classical beat and an interwoven web of indigenous voices. As befits its title ("Welcome") it's inviting and warm. There are tracks that focus on Tya's compositional piano, as in the jaunty intro to "Soft Touch," and his knack for cinematic emotion, such as via the lone harmonica that gradually opens to elaborate orchestration in "A Place to Rest." Through it all the voices keep coming, and Tya has a gift for blending them until tribes from all over and from all ages past and present seem to merge together into one throbbing, impassioned voice.

The trance-inducing grooves and good vibes all culminate in the blissful cheery arrival of "Daybreak." Tya is deeply focused on reaching the dark corners of your stress deposits and emptying out everything but the bliss within you. If Akwaba captures the heady glory of early global trance music, it also takes it both deeper into the past and farther into the future. Through the miracle of sound and creative inspiration, this all boils down to one thing, the present - the here and now - which Akwaba can show you in a whole new, soothing light all the way through and until the dawn.

Customer Comments

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Incredible music and inspiration to all artists... — Orion Wyoming, MI, USA

I know a few who could use a listen…
The blends of culture on this album are truly inspiring. Maybe our politicians should take a listen to world music like this…they may be inspired to make peace. I know I am inspired. —  Dana Zulee San Diego, CA,

My classmates and I love this!
Akwaba is wonderful electronica for using in my Pilates/Yoga classes. World Groove Mix is another hot commodity around there. — Adrianne Cerceo-Chin Sacramento, CA,

Thank You
Akwaba by TYA is also an amazing cd. Thank God for music like this, there is no other music like it! I enjoy every moment of it. —  Julia Blaustein Missoula, MT,

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