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Nature Sounds for Sleep
Deep Sleep Systems

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Sometimes the more you need to sleep the harder it can be. Falling asleep is the most natural thing in the word but it's not something you can make happen. When you have insomnia, nature sounds and sleep sounds can make all the difference between a night of tossing and turning and slipping off into a deep rejuvenating sleep. Many people have found that white noise such as waterfall sounds works best for them. David & Steve Gordon's Deep Sleep Systems have created an hour of the most relaxing waterfall sounds for sleep that you can imagine. Blended from many different recordings of rainforest waterfalls, the waterfall sound is consistently smooth and tranquil. These waterfall sleep sounds are what is called "white noise" - This is when the sound consists of all frequencies evenly. White noise not only has a powerfully relaxing effect, they are also very effective at masking sounds. Use this for sleeping in a hotel room where you can hear traffic sounds, or on a plane or any place you need to block out unwanted sound. Discover how effortless falling asleep can be with Deep Sleep Nature sounds - without unhealthy sleeping pills. Collect your own library of sleep sounds so you have different sounds such as rain or ocean waves depending on your mood.


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 Track Title Time 
1. Soothing Waterfall-relaxing continuous nature sounds 01:00

Release date: September 25, 2008

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Huge Thanks
I cannot thank the Gordon brothers enough for this system. I put this on at night very low - just enough to be in the background of my mind and it truly has changed the way I sleep. I don't wake up over and over trying desparately to quiet my mind from the stresses of the day and I also find that I fall asleep faster. The albums in this series all come very highly recommended by me. — Talon L. Macias Seattle, WA, USA

The Real Deal
I have tried of few different albums with the same claims as this and I think I've figured out the difference. Others say they are white noise but it contains so many other "soothing" sounds that it takes away from the actual white noise. So it becomes an album of sounds rather than white noise. From in utero these kind of sounds comfort us and create a wall of peace for us. It makes sense that later in life this sort of sound would bring great comfort. I have found both my meditations deeper and my sleep more sound listening to this. I also bought Relaxing Rainstorm and have really become attached to them both. Thank you for staying true to the idea and the sound and bringing it to the world. —  Judy Morgan Madison, WI, usa

A very helpful CD
I bought this for my husband, the ultimate critic, and I am here to say he is a better sleeper because of it. He still wakes up occasionally and has difficulty but overall this has been extremely helpful. — Althea Tesh Sacramento, CA, USA

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