Relaxing Rainforest Ambience: Nature Sounds for Meditation, Relaxing and Sleep by David & Steve Gordon Relaxing Rainforest Ambience: Nature Sounds for Meditation, Relaxing and Sleep
David & Steve Gordon Nature Sounds Collection

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Experience the most enriching natural sounds for relaxation, yoga, and meditation in the world. As you listen to these lush and soothing sounds of a real rainforest you'll feel transported to an exotically beautiful and inspiring place that makes the ideal backdrop for many activities. Immerse yourself in the gorgeous calls of elegant birds and hypnotic sounds of thunderstorms and rain. You'll swear you can feel the mist on your skin! David & Steve Gordon have been renowned for their pristine nature recordings since 1982. With these benchmark nature sounds recordings of the rainforest, they have created a serene oasis of nature sound that can enhance your life anytime. The tranquil calls of birds, streams, thunderstorms and rainfall in the jungle will calm your nerves and create a peaceful environment for meditation, yoga or tai chi and they are very effective as a sleep aid at bedtime so you can beat insomnia. This album can also work well to create a life-affirming environment in your home.

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 Track Title Time 
1. Relaxing Rainforest Ambience, Part 1 30:25
2. Relaxing Rainforest Ambience, Part 2 29:57

Release date: February 10, 2010

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A tribute to the beauty of the earth
Grateful for this beautiful tribute to that which is being consumed every day. Maybe it should be a mandatory listen so that the average person may find their deep and natural connection to the earth and it's wonders. I'll be sharing this. — Daniele Reese Sedona, AZ, usa

Two tracks are better than one!!
Both tracks are fantastic but for meditation music the second track is my favorite, The first is perfect for a bath or morning coffee, peaceful and sweet but more going on. I think it's so smart to have both tracks on there - they suit both of my needs! — Darcy Van Meyer Chesapeake City, MD, US

Has been great for my Chiropractic business
This was brought to my attention by a gal in my practice. I have a separate room for the Chiropractic water table and roller table and we have a huge fish tank for ambiance. This audio addition is wonderful. We've had several clients comment on how much they like it. Great work and thanks. —  Jackie Moyne Kalispell, MO, usa

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