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The Nine Worlds
Angels Voices
Spirit Healing Chants

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Here are the perfect soundtracks for those intimate nights where you need some sensual music for a romantic mood. Start with The Nine Worlds by Achillea where delicately bluesy guitar, slow hypnotic grooves and silky smooth female vocals create the right atmosphere. Next Angles Voices continues the feeling as the beauty and mystery of the female voice combines with intoxicating super-chilled Euro- electronica. Then the serene currents and dreamy vocals of Sophia's Spirit Healing Chants will take you to the place where the spiritual and the sensuous meet.

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The Nine Worlds by Achillea The Nine Worlds
 Track Title Time 
1. Achillea - Prelude 0:59
2. Ragnarok - Twilight of the Gods 5:57
3. Odin's Hill 7:09
4. The Monks of Lindisfarne 3:12
5. Cape Porcupine 4:38
6. The Seeress Prophecy (Daydreaming) 4:26
7. Land of the Elves 2:24
8. Shears from Scar 4:37
9. The Nine Worlds 3:56
10. Staraja Ladoga 5:00
11. Othila - The Rune Masters 3:03
12. Achillea - Exodus 1:19

Angels Voices by Sequoia Groove Presents Angels Voices
Sequoia Groove Presents
 Track Title Time 
1. Cape Porcupine [Achillea] 4:26
2. Raknarok (Twight of the Gods) [Achillea] 5:54
3. Odin's Hill [Achillea] 7:02
4. The Seeress Prophecy (Daydreaming) [Achillea] 4:13
5. Aroha Eternal [Hands Upon Black Earth ] 4:53
6. The Star & The Snake [Hands Upon Black Earth ] 6:59
7. Her Infinite Variety [Artemisia] 5:54
8. Perfumed Garden [Artemisia] 5:53
9. The Faerie Muse [Artemisia] 5:44
10. Staraja Ladoga [Achillea] 4:44
11. Sivananda Namah Om [Karmacosmic ] 5:32
12. Integration: The Beginning [Sophia] 4:58
13. Othila - The Rune Masters [Achillea] 2:54
14. HiFi Rendezvous [David Gordon] 6:04

Spirit Healing Chants by Sophia Spirit Healing Chants
 Track Title Time 
1. Blessed (Blessed Am I & Blessed Are the Peacemakers) 3:31
2. Shakti (Shakti, Universal Love/Goddess Prayer & Shakti Reprise) 7:36
3. Keepers of the Garden/We Are the Ones 9:09
4. Celebrate this Day 6:26
5. Heart of the Mother/I am One 11:05

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