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Buddha-Lounge 5
Hotel Tara 2 — The Intimate Side of Buddha Lounge
Amadas Estrellas

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At those times you just need to escape, these exotic grooves are just the thing to help you drift away. On Buddha-Lounge 5, The Gordon Brothers have created the ultimate chill-out soundtrack featuring the creme-de-la-creme of downtempo electronica artists from Europe and around the world. Continue your world travels with the hypnotic multi-cultural beats of Hotel Tara 2. Next immerse yourself in the passionate Spanish rhythms and romantic atmosphere of Amadas Estrellas from Enigma co-creator Jens Gad.

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Buddha Lounge 5 by Sequoia Groove Presents Buddha-Lounge 5
Sequoia Groove Presents
 Track Title Time 
1. El Momento [Jens Gad Presents] 5:53
2. The Seeress Prophecy (Daydreaming) [Achillea] 4:19
3. Deep Blue [TYA] 4:28
4. Asmar Kahiel Elein [Nasser Kilada] 4:00
5. The Star & The Snake [Hands Upon Black Earth] 7:09
6. Her Infinite Variety (Club Mix) [Artemisia] 5:51
7. Shining [MTC] 5:11
8. Rain In The Sun [David Gordon] 5:01
9. Tout le Monde Reve [TAU] 4:25
10. Tulasi Maharani [Jaya Lakshmi] 4:56
11. Dream Body [The Gordon Brothers] 7:10
12. Between Tomorrow [OperaToRelax] 7:42

Hotel Tara 2 - The intimate side of Buddha Lounge. Hotel Tara 2 — The Intimate Side of Buddha Lounge
Sequoia Groove Presents
 Track Title Time 
1. Navajo [Jens Gad Presents] 4:40
2. Equilibrium [MTC ] 6:50
3. Shears from Scar [Achillea] 4:35
4. In Between [Hands Upon Black Earth] 6:31
5. The Temple [Marcator] 3:55
6. Hunab Ku Transmitter [The Gordon Brothers] 6:59
7. Fly! [Opera to Relax] 8:12
8. Samsara [Win Meyerson] 5:29
9. Vermillion Passage [Steve Gordon] 5:45
10. Electronic Lounge [Peter Mergener] 6:20
11. Pancha Tattvit [Jaya Lakshmi] 6:10
12. Bossoroca (Tara Edit) [The Moontrane Conductors] 5:47

Amadas Estrellas by Achillea Amadas Estrellas
 Track Title Time 
1. Prologo 1:04
2. Amor - Parte I 4:58
3. Desnudame 5:18
4. Vivir 4:57
5. Alma Herida 4:52
6. Alas del Aguila 4:23
7. Amor - Parte II 3:27
8. Atacame 6:17
9. Amadas Estrellas 5:29
10. A Maria Santissima 4:12

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