Soothing Spa Collection by Sequoia Records Soothing Spa Collection
Sequoia Records Presents

Heart of Peace
Soothing Sanctuary
Le Spa Sonique

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Treat yourself to luxurious relaxation and indulge your senses with these blissfully serene sounds. First enter the Le Spa Sonique from Jens Gad Presents, a blissful set of European chill/lounge music. Follow that with Soothing Sanctuary by David & Steve Gordon, as tranquil flute and harp blend with pure nature sounds. Finish with Heart of Peace also from the Gordons, where piano and sounds of ocean waves and birdsong connect you with inner balance.

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Heart of Peace by David and Steve Gordon Heart of Peace
David & Steve Gordon
 Track Title Time 
1. Healing Ocean 31:05
2. Flow of Harmony 24:04
3. Awakening Peace 6:00

Soothing Sanctuary by David and Steve Gordon Soothing Sanctuary
David & Steve Gordon
 Track Title Time 
1. Soothing Sanctuary, Part I (Path of Renewal, Serene Oasis, Blissful Waters, Warm Stones) 30:00
2. Soothing Sanctuary, Part II (Secret Haven, Tranquil Pool, Glow of Rejuvenation) 30:00

Le Spa Sonique by Jens Gad Presents Le Spa Sonique
Jens Gad Presents
 Track Title Time 
1. Introduction 1:28
2. El Momento 6:02
3. Navajo 4:43
4. The Orbiting Suns 4:42
5. Blueshift 3:19
6. Silver Sands 4:13
7. Les Eaux Verts 6:11
8. Cape Blanc 4:50
9. Glass Palace 5:34
10. The Miracle of Illusion 3:35
11. Aureole 5:47

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