Celtic Enchantment Collection by Sequoia Records Celtic Enchantment Collection
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The Celtic Lounge
Garden of Dreams
Enchanted Journey - Music Inspired by the Lord of the Rings

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Enter the Celtic Lounge where a mesmerizing Celtic mood unfolds featuring enchanting songs by the finest artists. Next enter a secret world where fairies and fireflies weave their stories of magic as the hauntingly angelic voice of Alquimia blends exquisitely with the dreamy symphonic landscapes of Gleisberg in Garden of Dreams. Finally, join EverStar on their travels into realms of myth and mystery inspired by "The Lord of the Rings" with Enchanted Journey, produced by The Gordon Brothers.

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The Celtic Lounge by Sequoia Artists The Celtic Lounge
Sequoia Records Presents
 Track Title Time 
1. Garden of Dreams [Gary Stadler & Stephannie] 3:49
2. She Moved Through the Faire [Alquimia] 4:31
3. To the Promised Land [Stella Maris] 4:44
4. May Morning Dew [Sharon Knight ] 4:23
5. Laura's Hill [Gary Stadler & Singh Kaur ] 4:08
6. Beneath the Misty Fell [David Gordon] 6:51
7. The Monks of Lindisfarne [Achillea] 3:12
8. Departure from the Shire [EverStar] 8:26
9. The Faerie Muse [Artemisia] 5:47
10. Banks of the Avonmore [Steve Gordon] 4:40
11. Titapatawa [Gandalf ] 3:55
12. Midwinter [Gary Stadler & Wendy Rule] 8:00

Garden of Dreams by Alquimia and Gleisberg Garden of Dreams
Alquimia & Gleisberg
 Track Title Time 
1. Ballerina 4:26
2. Aileen 4:33
3. Fireflies of the Night 4:31
4. Garden of Dreams 5:45
5. Memories of Endless Time 4:38
6. The Beauty and the Beast 4:26
7. The Mermaids Awaken 4:42
8. A Maiden's Yearning 4:07
9. Sonata for Margarita 6:00
10. Nocturne to Light the Stars 4:35
11. Remote Viewing 4:38

Enchanted Journey by Everstar Enchanted Journey - Music Inspired by the Lord of the Rings
 Track Title Time 
1. Departure from the Shire 8:27
2. Fellowship Travels 6:14
3. Gates of Morning 6:42
4. River Running 5:05
5. Lady of the Golden Wood 4:41
6. On the Road to Rivendell 3:45
7. Land of the Star 5:43
8. Silver Fountains Fall 4:36
9. The Grey Havens 7:11

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