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Yoga Salon
Perfect Balance — Musical Healing, Vol. 2
Yoga Moods

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Relax and renew with this ultimate collection for yoga, spa treatments and massage. First, create a peaceful atmosphere of mellow chill/lounge grooves from Europe with Yoga Moods. Next, slip into Yoga Salon where you'll discover a sublime set of blissful global rhythms to keep you energized and then immerse yourself in Perfect Balance: Musical Healing Vol. 2 featuring the most blissful musical gems from some of today's foremost healing music masters.

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Yoga Salon by Sequoia Groove Presents Yoga Salon
Sequoia Groove Presents
 Track Title Time 
1. Olelo Lohi/Speak Slowly [TYA] 5:20
2. Swan [Althea W. ] 3:00
3. Uma Jai Ma! [Sophia] 8:00
4. Perfumed Garden [Artemisia] 5:54
5. Dance of Shiva [KarmaCosmic] 5:58
6. Forever in a Smile [David Gordon] 5:10
7. Bolo Shri Krsna [Jaya Lakshmi] 5:16
8. Vrkshasana (Salon Mix) [Win Meyerson] 5:06
9. Nama Sankirtana (Yoga Mix) [Wynne Paris] 6:12
10. Om Shanti [David & Steve Gordon] 6:31
11. Tempel der Stille [TAU] 7:12

Perfect Balance: Musical Healing 2 by David and Steve Gordon and Sequoia Records Artists Perfect Balance — Musical Healing, Vol. 2
David & Steve Gordon with Sequoia Artists
 Track Title Time 
1. Uyll [Gary Stadler & Wendy Rule] 4:42
2. Precious Water Reprise [David & Steve Gordon] 5:06
3. Golden Light [Ashron] 6:00
4. Nature Spirits (Balance Mix) [David & Steve Gordon] 6:30
5. Watermoon [Bernd Scholl] 5:34
6. Hidden Oasis (Yoga Mix) [David & Steve Gordon] 5:00
7. Natural Healing (Excerpt) [Shajan] 6:30
8. Rainforest Sunrise (Om Mix) [David & Steve Gordon] 6:00
9. River Running [EverStar] 5:05
10. Lightstreams [David & Steve Gordon] 1:13
11. Lines in the Sand [David Gordon] 6:38
12. Rainforest Sunset (Peace Mix) [David & Steve Gordon] 6:00
13. 7th Chakra; Be Still [Sophia] 5:32
14. Radiant Sea Reprise [David & Steve Gordon] 1:04

Yoga Moods by Sequoia Groove Presents Yoga Moods
Sequoia Groove Presents
 Track Title Time 
1. Aureole [Jens Gad Presents] 5:42
2. Swan [Althea W.] 4:11
3. Staraja Ladoga [Achillea] 4:47
4. Cape Porcupine [Achillea] 4:28
5. Odin's Hill [Achillea] 7:02
6. Casino Lounge [Peter Mergener ] 6:52
7. In For The Night (Buddha Edit) [The Moontrane Conductors] 4:11
8. The Orbiting Suns [Jens Gad Presents] 4:28
9. Bhajya Sahita [Hands Upon Black Earth] 5:37
10. Silver Sands [Jens Gad Presents] 4:03
11. Les Eaux Verts [Jens Gad Presents] 6:00
12. Chanson Pour Une Femme [Althea W.] 5:45
13. Zen Garden, Part 1 (Savasana Edit) [David & Steve Gordon] 7:43

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