Sacred Chant Collection by Sequoia Records Sacred Chant Collection
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Chakra Healing Chants
Jewel of Hari
Ocean of Mercy

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Experience the exotic enchantment of rejuvenating music for yoga, movement or chilling out with these top-selling titles from Sophia and Jaya Lakshmi including "Chakra Healing Chants", "Ocean of Mercy" & "Jewel of Hari". Embark on an exotic journey through the power of the chakras on a river of sacred sound with legendary 'Song Healer' Sophia joined by David Gordon, Hans Christian (Rasa) and Raphael. Sophia uses pure vocal tones to help activate and send soothing and serene vibrations into the body's subtle energy centers. Then immerse yourself in the divine love of the sacred names as gifted singer Jaya Lakshmi's luminous voice graces these contemporary world grooves, blending ancient Vedic chants from India with flamenco guitar, sarod and tabla. Lakshmi's passionate voice makes these traditional mantras come alive in a modern musical vision, making this collection the perfect soundtrack for yoga, tantra, meditation, healing, dancing, relaxing or creating sacred space.

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Chakra Healing Chants by Sophia Chakra Healing Chants
 Track Title Time 
1. First Chakra: Gaia Shekhinah Nama Om 8:46
2. Second Chakra: Uma ... Jai Ma! 9:25
3. Third Chakra: The Orbit ... Nam Myoho 5:37
4. Fourth Chakra: Heart Of Earth 7:54
5. Fifth Chakra: Thy Song 6:31
6. Sixth Chakra: Infinite Wisdom 8:27
7. Seventh Chakra: Be Still 5:37
8. Integration: The Beginning 5:24

Jewel of Hari by Jaya Lakshmi Jewel of Hari
Jaya Lakshmi
 Track Title Time 
1. Radha Pranam 5:29
2. Sundara 5:01
3. Bolo Sri Krsna 6:00
4. Bhaja Hure Mana 5:48
5. Ramachandra 4:38
6. By Your Grace 8:02
7. Govinda Hari 9:06
8. Pancha Tattvit 6:13
9. Jewel of Hari 4:51

Ocean of Mercy by Jaya Lakshmi Ocean of Mercy
Jaya Lakshmi
 Track Title Time 
1. Tulasi Maharani 5:00
2. Ocean Of Mercy 5:56
3. Srita Kamala 4:07
4. Radha Ramana 4:15
5. Nitai Gauranga 5:05
6. Krsna Pranam 6:25
7. Gypsy Krsna 10:21
8. Madhana Mohan 6:24

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