World Groove Collection by Sequoia Groove Presents World Groove Collection
David & Steve Gordon

World Groove Mix, Vol. 1
Drum Prayer

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Discover the very best of the new global "world-groove" as ancient rhythms join with modern beats from around the planet. Start with World Groove Mix Vol. 1, your passport into trance grooves, exotic vocals and hypnotic atmospheres. Next experience, TYA's Akwaba, where indigenous Australian voices blend with modern grooves into a new sound that is both deep and uplifting. Then Steve Gordon's Drum Prayer, which blends ancient Shaman rhythms, Spanish guitar and sacred chants.

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World Groove Mix, Vol. 1 by Sequoia Groove Presents World Groove Mix, Vol. 1
Sequoia Groove Presents
 Track Title Time 
1. Naked [TYA] 5:40
2. Zenah [Nasser Kilada] 5:29
3. Four Direction Wind [David & Steve Gordon] 5:32
4. Bhaja Hure Ma [Jaya Lakshmi] 6:27
5. Mama [TYA] 4:44
6. Two Sides of One Kind [Potsch Potschka] 4:53
7. Enlightened Nature [Ginkgo Garden] 3:55
8. Emerging Power [Steve Gordon] 7:43
9. Voces de mi Tierra [Alquimia+Rodelius] 4:26
10. Soles on Earth [Zingaia] 5:21
11. Atma Victu [Roykey] 4:12
12. Rainbow Hoop [David & Steve Gordon] 8:08
13. Africa in Your Head [Peter Mergner] 3:49

1. Olelo Lohi/Speak Slowly 5:21
2. Coming Home 5:45
3. Nonamata/Long Ago 5:42
4. Why 4:23
5. Akwaba / Welcome 5:22
6. Follow the Light 6:11
7. Soft Touch 5:19
8. A Place to Rest 5:22
9. Raindance 5:16
10. Mama 4:42
11. Naked 5:38
12. Daybreak 5:00
13. Why (Instrumental) 4:07

Drum Prayer by Steve Gordon Drum Prayer
Steve Gordon
 Track Title Time 
1. Where The Earth Meets The Sky 9:24
2. Emerging Power 7:41
3. Spirit Runner 6:23
4. Way Of The Shaman 9:44
5. Holding The Vision 6:54
6. Balance Dance 8:45
7. Season Of Renewal 6:39
8. Union Of Earth And Sky 3:38

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