Buddha Lounge Collection by Sequoia Groove Presents Buddha-Lounge Collection
Sequoia Groove Presents

Buddha-Lounge 2
Buddha-Lounge 3

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Your destination for rejuvenation... Step beyond the velvet rope into the coolest downtempo chill-out spot imaginable. The Sequoia Groove label brings you this incredibly sumptuous trio of late night lounge sounds straight from the crest of the "next wave". Relax into the smooth and hypnotic sounds and multi-cultural grooves spun by the hippest set of mystical DJ's imaginable. With tracks hand-picked and mixed by the Gordon Brothers from your favorite Sequoia artists including TYA, Zingaia, Jaya Lakshmi and Gary Stadler with Stephannie, as well as a collection of the hottest European artists including, Nassar Kilada, Opera to Relax, Roedelius, Alquimia, Ginkgo Garden, Peter Mergener, Althea W., Karunesh and many more. These delectable slices of ethnic electronica are the perfect combination to put the "Chill" into your holiday cheer.

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Buddha Lounge by Sequoia Groove Presents Buddha-Lounge
Sequoia Groove Presents
 Track Title Time 
1. Poetry [Roedelius] 3:58
2. Dona Cre Tun [Gary Stadler & Stephannie] 5:12
3. Abo Daylight [Althea W. ] 3:42
4. From Life 2 Life [Opera to Relax] 6:13
5. The Audience [Drum N Space] 4:32
6. Reverence [David & Steve Gordon] 6:40
7. In the Move [Svensson] 4:40
8. What is Right [Marcator] 3:16
9. Second Day [Delago] 4:30
10. Divine Flame [Zingaia] 4:56
11. Night of the Alebrijes [Alquimia] 15:46
12. Glass from Jasper [Roedelius] 4:53
13. Rain in Australia [Peter Mergener] 6:27

Buddha Lounge 2 by Sequoia Groove Presents Buddha-Lounge 2
Sequoia Groove Presents
 Track Title Time 
1. Coming Home [TYA] 5:32
2. Hidden Places [Karunesh] 6:21
3. Blossoms From India [Ginkgo Garden] 3:56
4. Cosmic Island [Rudy K. ] 4:12
5. Sundara [Jaya Lakshmi] 4:51
6. Baila Verena [Potosch Potschka] 4:00
7. Balance Dance [Steve Gordon] 7:34
8. East Meets West [Althea W.] 4:56
9. In the Clound Lodge [David & Steve Gordon] 6:44
10. Tali [Toires] 3:53
11. Indian Garden [Gleisberg] 5:32
12. Faithkeepter, Part 2 [David & Steve Gordon] 4:05
13. Hidden Forces All Around [Opera to Relax] 6:14

Buddha Lounge 3 by Sequoia Groove Presents Buddha-Lounge 3
Sequoia Groove Presents
 Track Title Time 
1. Akwaba [TYA] 5:19
2. A Mystic Day in Mandalay [Ginkgo Garden] 4:05
3. Tarnima [Nasser Kilada ] 3:43
4. Saturnfauna [Joe Weineck] 3:33
5. Garden of Tiki (edit) [TAU ] 5:08
6. Earth Meets Sky, Part 2 (Buddha edit) [Steve Gordon] 2:49
7. Inspiral [Bobby Cochran] 4:24
8. Bodhisattvas [David Gordon] 4:55
9. Oya [Althea W.] 5:38
10. Velvet Sutra [Alcyone] 4:14
11. Radha Pranam [Jaya Lakshmi] 5:22
12. Dancing For A Vision (edit) [David & Steve Gordon] 8:14
13. Necromantra [Marcator] 3:07
14. Upon the Temple Bell [Opera to Relax] 7:29

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