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Heart of Peace
Musical Healing
Music for Reiki and Meditation

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Peace of Mind
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Let go of stress and relax with award-winning masters of healing music, David & Steve Gordon's, Heart of Peace, the exquisitely peaceful Music for Reiki & Mediation, from Reiki-master, Shajan and Musical Healing, the collection of the very best of Sequoia's healing music featuring beautiful melodies and lush nature sounds - making it easy to relax. This set is perfect for yoga, massage, meditation, spa treatments and the healing arts. Sit back, relax and let yourself just drift away.

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Heart of Peace by David and Steve Gordon Heart of Peace
David & Steve Gordon
 Track Title Time 
1. Healing Ocean 31:05
2. Flow of Harmony 24:04
3. Awakening Peace 6:00

Musical Healing by David and Steve Gordon with Records Sequoia Artists Musical Healing
David & Steve Gordon with Sequoia Artists
 Track Title Time 
1. Monets Garden, Part 2 (Edit) 4:44
2. Secret Fountain [David & Steve Gordon] 4:56
3. Ehsellyei 2:34
4. Twin Souls [Solaria] 5:05
5. Sanctuary, Part I [David & Steve Gordon] 4:39
6. Sweet Surrender [Sophia Roberts] 5:10
7. Dusk [David & Steve Gordon] 5:02
8. Ancient Power [Steve Gordon & Deborah Martin] 3:13
9. Floating Meadow [David & Steve Gordon] 4:59
10. Breath Of Passion [Zingaia] 6:16
11. Healing Passage [David & Steve Gordon] 4:20
12. Waves Of Bliss, Part II [David & Steve Gordon] 3:53
13. Wings At Rest [Gary Stadler] 4:26
14. Healing Ocean [David & Steve Gordon] 3:35

Music for Reiki and Meditation by Shajan Music for Reiki and Meditation
 Track Title Time 
1. Light Touch 12:16
2. Hands of Light 12:05
3. Vital Force 11:01
4. Journey to the Heart 11:48
5. Turn of the Tides 7:42
6. Touch of Love 7:32

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