Fairy Realm Collection by Gary Stadler Fairy Realm Collection
Gary Stadler

Fairy of the Woods
Fairy NightSongs
Fairy HeartMagic

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Enter and explore the captivating beauty and mystery of the Fairy realms with the complete original Fairy-trilogy set from Gary Stadler, including Gary's highly acclaimed debut release, "Fairy of the Woods", the haunting "Fairy Nightsongs" with the alluring vocals of the legendary Sigh Kaur, and Gary's all time classic "Fairy Heartmagic" featuring enchanting vocalist, Stephannie. Venture into this breathtakingly beautiful music, which parts the veil that leads straight to the heart of this magical realm where fairies dance. Relax with the radiant Celtic melodies of Stadler's acclaimed piano mastery accompanied by the lovely harp artistry of the acclaimed Lisa Lynne. This fantastic series of CD's will take you far away on a soul-stirring journey that will inspire and entice you, while it comforts your heart and warms your soul. Absolutely magic!

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Fairy of the Woods by Gary Stadler Fairy of the Woods
Gary Stadler
 Track Title Time 
1. Sometimes 4:38
2. DreamSpell 3:39
3. Ring of Magic 5:30
4. Awakening 5:00
5. Fairy of the Woods 6:17
6. Breath of Love 4:47
7. Moonflight 2:54
8. Forest Dark'n 4:47
9. Pool of Light 4:14
10. Wings at Rest 4:26

Fairy Night Songs by Gary Stadler and Singh Kaur Fairy NightSongs
Gary Stadler & Singh Kaur
 Track Title Time 
1. NightSong 2:57
2. Fairy Ring 7:31
3. In the Hollows of Trees 2:44
4. Fly Away 5:30
5. Darkness 6:57
6. Midnight Myst 5:20
7. Laura's Hill 4:11
8. Lullaby 4:11
9. A Spark in the Night 7:47

Fairy Heart Magic by Gary Stadler Fairy HeartMagic
Gary Stadler & Stephannie
 Track Title Time 
1. Fairy NightSongs 5:21
2. Petals 0:35
3. Mystery 6:56
4. Otherworld 2:46
5. HeartMagic 4:08
6. Sa'Brooke 5:44
7. Deanash 3:29
8. Edge Of Dawn 2:32
9. DonaCreiTun 5:12
10. Ehsellyei 2:34
11. Garden Of Dreams 3:59
12. Veil Of Elphame 6:55

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