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New Age Music for Meditation, Yoga and Chilling Out

Discover music with vision to relax and heal your body, mind and spirit. For over 25 years Sequoia Records has created award-winning new age music, meditation music, yoga music, Shamanic Drumming and chill out electronica.

Experience a sense of inner peace and well-being with new age music CDs and MP3 downloads to support your journey. Find the music you need for meditation, yoga, gathering with friends, intimacy, massage, reading or studying and more.

Browse our Music Shop Lifestyle Selector — find the music you need for meditation, yoga, gathering with friends, intimacy, massage, reading or studying and more.

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David & Steve Gordon
Founders of Sequoia Records

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David & Steve Gordon        
David and Steve Gordon are innovators. Over the course of their 30 year career they have consistently pushed the boundaries of musical styles, and their albums have been pivotal in shaping the changing landscape of ambient music, world music and chill out electronica. Both David and Steve are award-winning producers, as well as composers, classically trained instrumentalists and the founders of Sequoia Records, which they have molded into a world-class record label since its inception 26 years ago.

Inspired by the tranquility of Sequoia National Park, David and Steve became a pioneering force in the realm of new age music by using nature sounds as a part of a musical composition to create nature music - a novel approach that had not been accomplished prior. Their albums, including Read more.

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Gary Stadler        
Photo of Gary Stadler, Stepahnnie, Singh Kaur and Wendy Rule, Celtic Music, New Age Music.
There is a special magic in the music of Gary Stadler. As a pianist, composer, songwriter and producer, Gary Stadler is a strong influence in the genre of contemporary Celtic music. Gary has continued to grow as an artist and refine his music, both in his solo works and collaborating with vocalists Singh Kaur, Stephannie and Wendy Rule, he has combined melodic elements of piano, acoustic world instruments and symphonic touches to become one of the best selling composers of New Age Music and Celtic inspired music today. Gary Stadler knew at an early age that music would play a major role in his life. In school, in his hometown of San Diego, he learned to play the piano and many of the other instruments in the orchestra... Read more.

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Photo of Shajan, Reiki Music, Healing Music, New Age Music, Meditation Music, Relaxation Music. BIO & PHOTOS         COMPLETE ALBUM LIST
Shajan was born in London, the son of a Malaysian ambassador. He studied music and literature in Los Angeles, and after several trips to Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Bali and Singapore, he was greatly influenced by the Far East's musical culture and it is heard in his music. Later he felt a calling for the healing work of Reiki and works as a Reiki Master teaching and as a musician incorporating those soothingly deep, meditative sounds most suitable for his work... Read more.

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