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Celebrating 40 Years of Music with Vision

Known for their pioneering contributions to world fusion, global electronica, and meditation music, new age composers David & Steve Gordon have amassed a prolific body of work since debuting in the early '80s. Through their label, Sequoia Records, the duo have explored a wide stylistic range of healing and relaxation music, from Shamanic drum and Native flute to ambient chillout and soothing acoustic guitar and piano compositions. Among their best-known works are 1987's Garden of Serenity, 1994's Sacred Earth Drums, and their popular Café de Luna and Buddha Lounge compilations of the 2000s. They continued developing different forms of healing and relaxation music with albums like 2018's Theta Waves Zen Meditation and 2020's Quantum Theta Waves.

Musicians since their childhood days, David and Steve carried their passion for music through college, earning classical training while gaining experience gigging in jazz groups around Los Angeles. While working as session musicians in the early '80s, the brothers made frequent trips north to Sequoia National Park as a way to relax and center themselves amid the natural beauty.

They soon landed on the idea of combining the sounds of the natural world with ambient new age music and in 1982 issued their first album together. The inaugural release on their own Sequoia Records label, Misty Forest Morning was an immediate success and set the duo on a path of musical exploration that yielded unique works like 1987's Garden of Serenity, 1993's Music of the Tarot, and their breakthrough 1994 world fusion album, Sacred Earth Drums. The latter introduced tribal drum and Native American flute elements into their musical palette, a theme that would carry into future releases like 1999's Billboard-charting Drum Medicine and 2002's Sacred Drum Visions.

Shifting into more new age and global electronica, the Gordons launched the Sequoia Groove imprint and began issuing the popular Buddha Lounge series in the early 2000s.

Featuring a diverse roster of global musicians as well as their own electronic chillout tracks, the Buddha Lounge series became a popular staple of Sequoia's roster and they followed it with the similarly successful Café de Luna series.

Meanwhile, David and Steve continued to develop their own electronic fusion on releases like 2006's Soothing Sanctuary and 2008's Yoga Planet. Their focus on healing and meditation continued over subsequent years with 2013's Chakra Balance and a series that delved into the science of binaural beats and isochronic tones with albums like 2016's Delta Waves Sleep and 2020's Quantum Theta Waves.

It all got started back in 1982 in the Sequoia National Park when they became inspired to compose music that would create a natural interplay between the sounds of nature and instruments such as piano, guitar and flute. Their early albums such as Misty Forest Morning and Peaceful Evening have become New Age Music classics.

They are currently composing music for acoustic guitar and piano along with Native and Bamboo flutes. These new recordings will be the next generation of their original intent of music for meditation, relaxation and healing.