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Zingaia is the brainchild of Katlyn and Michael Breene, a multi-talented husband and wife team. Katlyn, artist and stage performer met Michael Breene, professional musician from Buffalo, New York in 1990. Pianist and keyboard player by trade, Michael's career includes a wide variety of musical styles and influences. His roots were as a jazz pianist (he toured with the legendary Sarah Vaughan and jazz greats Freddie Hubbard and Jon Hendricks), and later played in rock and roll bands, funk, country, and even large orchestras.

The name Zingaia came to Katlyn in a dream. It is the combination of Zingari, a tribe of gypsies and troubadours from ancient Greece, and Gaia a Goddess of the earth. Katlyn was born in Long Beach California and exhibited an artistic flair at a very early age. She trained in ballet and modern dance while developing her skills as sculptor and pen & ink artist. A dynamic performer, Katlyn spent 12 years working as a stage magician around the world, taking her to Japan, South Africa, Europe, Las Vegas, Tahoe, and the Magic Castle in Los Angeles (where her fantasy sculpture is still on display). She was the first female magician nominated for Stage Magician of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts. Having 'done it all' as a stage performer and weary of the constant travel, Katlyn retired from show business and established Mermade Magickal Arts. Utilizing several talents, the art of mixing incense and essential oils, her fantasy artwork, and her vast knowledge of the spiritual and mystical symbolism of herbal ingredients, her company grew quickly and her products can be found in metaphysical shops everywhere.

Married in 1992, Michael and Katlyn formed Zingaia to produce electronic music and world music combining the sensual and the spiritual. Their debut trance dance music album, Beneath the Veil(1997) was described by one reviewer as 'broiling with the passionate sexuality of the Goddess'. This was a bold step for Zingaia and Sequoia Records, as new age music had not previously explored sexuality as a theme. Reviewer Steve Ryals of new age retailer said, 'This eminently danceable, exotically sensuous electronica is unlike anything you've heard from Sequoia. Beneath the Veil is a deliciously delightful romp through a garden of Tantric Goddess consciousness. Chants, invocations and songs weave their enchanting, mysterious magic as we are gently drawn beneath the veil of Goddesses of love and life. Strongly percussive melodies lovingly entice the listener to reveal the secret passions of the heart, making Beneath the Veil particularly well suited for lovers of all kinds. For the romantic and Tantric at heart, Beneath the Veil is a rare gift indeed.'

Autumn of 2000 brought Zingaia's innovative sophomore release, Dancers of Twilight, featuring the artistry of their newest member, the multi-talented vocalist and ethnic percussionist Abbi Spinner. The new songs with lyrics by Katlyn and Abbi, evoke images of the erotic dance of life and love in a breathtaking blend of unique sonic textures and sensual grooves. A German publication dedicated to new forms of dance music had this to say, Dancers of Twilight is mixed with textured synthesizer ambience and atmospheric female vocals. There is an exotic and at times erotic body rhythm, lyrically infused with mythic imagery and wisdom. It's nice to see dance music with a vision.'

Both albums were co-produced by new age/world music luminaries David and Steve Gordon, and feature Katlyn's stunning artwork. Zingaia has recently completed their third album, Soles on Earth, venturing further into their distinctive realm of beguiling world music trance dance groove. Soles on Earth is slated for release in September of 2004.