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TYA (Pronounced T:sha:ya; the Aboriginal word for Mother Earth) is the creation of German composer and musician Martin Scherl who plays keyboards, drums, samples and does extensive programming. TYA's enticing world music sound could be described as Enigma meets Deep Forest with indigenous voices blending intricately with modern grooves into a new global fusion sound that is both deeply moving and uplifting.

During a long stay in Australia, where he spent much of his time making music with the native Aboriginal people, Scherl was profoundly impressed with their ability to see themselves as part of a whole. His electronic music clearly expresses this sense of oneness. Many years of experience with global indigenous musical styles and a careful study of various ethnic music traditions have further broadened Martin Scherl's musical horizons.

TYA remains one of the most requested artists from Sequoia Groove's bestselling Buddha Lounge series, which has been well received in both the U.S. and Europe. In 2001 TYA released their first U.S. release with their very popular Tribal Sutras and Akwaba, TYA's latest release on Sequoia Groove was released in June of 2004.

Of his music Martin says, "The most important thing for me was to realize that I found a great part of myself within music and fortunately this source of energy and fascination has never left me. Being able to express myself through music and noticing that I can move people emotionally with what I create makes me really a lucky and thankful guy."