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Shajan was born in London, the son of a Malaysian ambassador. He studied music and literature in Los Angeles, and after several trips to Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Bali and Singapore, he was greatly influenced by the Far East's musical culture and it is heard in his music. Later he felt a calling for the healing work of Reiki and works as a Reiki Master teaching and as a musician incorporating those soothingly deep, meditative sounds most suitable for his work into Reiki music.

He has previously released two albums, Music for Meditation 1 and Music for Meditation 2. Shajan joined the Sequoia label in August of 2002 with the release his album Music for Reiki and Meditation, which was the winner of the COVR Visionary Best Meditation/Healing Music Album of 2002. His second release is entitled The Healing Touch: Music for Reiki & Meditation Vol. 2 and was released on Sequoia Records in August of 2004. His third release in this series of meditation music is called Ocean of Silence: Music for Reiki and Meditation, Vol. 3 and was released by Sequoia Records in 2008.

Reiki is a very popular form of hands on healing, which is becoming more widespread through holistic health practitioners. To increase the effectiveness of Reiki treatments, relaxing Reiki music is used to create a soothing atmosphere conducive to healing. It is also ideal as sleep music, spa music or relaxation music.