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Award-Winning Global Electronica

We created Sequoia Groove in 2002 to showcase global artists who are creating Downtempo Electronica - the music movement which had it's roots in the chill-rooms of the DJ-driven European dance club scenes of London, Paris, Berlin, Ibiza and beyond. These compilations of non-stop mixes of various artists and solo releases from brilliant mixologists blend the best elements of electronic music, trip hop, world music, dance, trance dance music, jazz, trip-hop, funk and downtempo into a newly emerging sound that is the new soundtrack for chilling-out " the perfect groove for relaxing - from intimate evenings with friends, late nights, unwinding after work, yoga sessions, to a tastefully elegant soundtrack for parties.

Sequoia Groove is committed to supporting causes we believe in. We donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of all of our music to the Rainforest Action Network, the United Nations Indigenous Peoples Fund and the Seva Foundation.