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Ginkgo Garden is the name of the latest world music project from German composer and musician Eddy F. Mueller. "Ginkgo" refers to the mystical ginkgo biloba, the most ancient species of tree on planet Earth. Known as the "living fossil", the ginkgo tree is a unique phenomenon in both the plant world as well as in the realms of mythology. It is known as the "bearer of hope" due to its incomparable vitality and life enhancing properties. The ginkgo theme has been inspirational and highly influential in the music of Eddy F. Mueller. In his musical "Garden" Eddy has planted a complex and lush musical landscape of instrumental themes, in order that they may flourish in a symbolic way. His music stirs the heart and stimulates the listeners" senses. Eddy embraces William Shakespeare's motto: "I want to touch the people's hearts".

Eddy has also produced 11 LPs and CDs under his pseudonym Birdy. Birdy music has been used frequently in Germany in well over 2,000 films, videos and commercial projects. Viewers often heard Birdy music in jingles for a variety of well-known products and famous brands throughout Europe, but nevertheless, Eddy had a longing for a different project: music without bounds or limits - tying it to a specific purpose. Inspired by the German TV documentary entitled "Ginkgo, Leaves Of Hope" Eddy created his latest musical enterprise, Ginkgo Garden, together with band mates Anja Bitzhenner (vocals), Peter Fischer (electric guitars) & Joern Heller (concertina).

"As our audience has informed us, our music is ideal to set the atmosphere and can be used as relaxation music, massage music and healing music", says Mueller. Ginkgo Garden offers a blissful blend of music suitable for pure listening pleasure for any occasion.

Eddy F. Mueller obtained his musical experience in Hagen, Germany, the origin of an abundance of rock acts in the early 80s. An accomplished guitarist and keyboardist Eddy played with several rock bands both as musician and songwriter, eventually opening his own studio. Eddy's music is often compared with the likes of Vangelis, Kitaro, Enigma and Cusco, which Eddy accepts as quite complimentary.