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There is a special magic in the music of Gary Stadler. As a pianist, composer, songwriter and producer, Gary Stadler is a strong influence in the genre of contemporary Celtic music. Gary has continued to grow as an artist and refine his music, both in his solo works and collaborating with vocalists Singh Kaur, Stephannie and Wendy Rule, he has combined melodic elements of piano, acoustic world instruments and symphonic touches to become one of the best selling composers of New Age Music and Celtic inspired music today.

Gary Stadler knew at an early age that music would play a major role in his life. In school, in his hometown of San Diego, he learned to play the piano and most of the other instruments in the orchestra. When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he always replied, "I want to be an orchestra conductor!" Another of his early interests, stage lighting and laser art became his first career, creating magical laser light shows to enhance the performances of a variety of touring bands. Yet throughout, his piano remained his closest friend.

In 1993 Gary wrote the songs, Dream Spell and Awakening, for a stage play produced and performed in San Diego entitled "The Goblin's Bride", based on Celtic myths of the realm of "Faerie". Over the next few years he crafted more songs based on this theme, creating the intimately mysterious piano and synthesizer bliss found on his first album, Fairy of the Woods, released by Sequoia Records in 1996. Gary's heartfelt piano and sensitive orchestrations were well received by fans of new age music and Celtic music. New Age Voice Magazine wrote: 'Strong and compelling melodies and lovely synth orchestral settings make Gary Stadler's Fairy of the Woods a magical charmer. Stadler's melodies and arrangements are classically structured, but his orchestrations offer a colorful imagination the opportunity to inhabit the auld Celtic realms of fairies and wizards, glens and caves, fireflies and stardust.'

Vacationing in Hawaii the following year, Gary met vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Singh Kaur, known to New Age listeners for her 'Crimson Series' of acoustic recordings. Enchanted by her pure voice and talent Gary invited her to join him in his second album, Fairy Night Songs, released in May 1998 by Sequoia Records. Steve Ryals for New Age Retailer wrote: 'Kaur and Stadler bring the healing mystery of the fairy folk to life. Kaur's voice soars like fairies dancing on gentle night breezes, with lyrics and pure vocalizations. Stadler composed most of the music and contributed string bass and cello to his keyboards and piano. The 16-page cover booklet is filled with entrancing art and complete lyrics. Fairy Night Songs is absolutely exquisite from beginning to end.'

For his third record, Gary collaborated with Stephannie, a young vocalist and songwriter with a unique talent: by recalling her dreams she composes lyrics in a new language of Celtic fantasy no one has heard before. Together they recorded a delicate and innocent sound. With Gary's incomparable piano melodies, Stephannie's enchanting fairy language, and joined by the renowned Celtic harpist Lisa Lynne, Sequoia released Fairy Heart Magic in October 2000 to a warm reception by fans and retailers alike, and saw a chart position on Billboard's New Age Top 25. The CD is enhanced with a CD-ROM section that offers two bonus songs in MP3 format and additional artwork.

In the fall of 2003, Sequoia released Gary Stadler's eagerly awaited fourth album, Reflections of Faerie, which, once again, features his pure piano sound along with the lovely harp artistry of Lisa Lynne. This recording heralded a return to his original instrumental pieces reminiscent of his first release Fairy of the Woods but with a deeper and more intimate Celtic Music feel.

Gary has recently completed his fifth release in collaboration with the enchanting vocalist, Wendy Rule, from Australia, entitled Deep Within a Faerie Forest, set for release in September of 2004. This title once again delves deep into the depths of the mystical Faerie realms within the heart of this enchanted musical woodland.

In 2007 Gary created an album of instrumental versions of his most loved songs arranged as children"s music lullabies and called it Fairy Lullabies. This album is popular with children as well as adults who appreciate the chance to hear serene instrumental versions of their favorite Gary Stadler songs.

All Music Guide reviewer, MacKenzie Wilson has said, "Gary's talents for symphonic wizardry have made him one of the new millennium's forerunners in new age music."