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Over 25 Years of Music with Vision

David and Steve Gordon are innovators. Over the course of their 30 year career they have consistently pushed the boundaries of musical styles, and their albums have been pivotal in shaping the changing landscape of ambient music, world music and chill out electronica . Both David and Steve are award-winning producers, as well as composers, classically trained instrumentalists and the founders of Sequoia Records, which they have molded into a world-class record label since its inception 26 years ago.

Nature Music

Inspired by the tranquility of Sequoia National Park, David and Steve became a pioneering force new age music by using nature sounds as a part of a musical composition to create nature music - a novel approach that had not been accomplished prior.

Their albums, including Garden of Serenity and Soothing Sanctuary, have been perennial best-sellers, garnering acclaim from leading resorts as spa music, from yoga studios and meditation practitioners. Pulse Magazine referred to their albums as "intimate, quiet, serene and spacious".

Drum Music

David and Steve's drum music albums, with their juxtaposition of earthy Native American rhythms and modern elements like guitar, keyboards and chill out electronica have defined world music and continually taken the concept to new heights. Their album Sacred Earth Drums features an organic fusion of modern and ancient sensibilities and was a #1 best-selling title for over two years following its release. Successive releases have continued to receive accolades, including Sacred Spirit Drums, about which NAPRA Review commented, "This follow-up to Sacred Earth Drums is sure to be just as big... the drumming is joyous," and Drum Medicine, which won prestigious COVR awards for "Album of the Year" and "Best World Album."

Global Electronica

The Gordons continue to stay on the cutting edge with their award-winning electronica and world music releases that masterfully combine downtempo dance grooves and global sounds.

Sequoia Groove, their sub-label, has emerged as one of today's leading sources of classy ambient music for lounging, with series like Cafe de Luna, Hotel Tara and, their crown jewel, Buddha-Lounge, helping to popularize downtempo music and make it accessible for a wider audience beyond the nightclub scene.

The albums are all handpicked and seamlessly blended by the Gordon Brothers, each one culminating in over an hour of pure euphoria for the listener. Besides their compilation series, Sequoia Groove is also home to groundbreaking artists like Jens Gad (co-creator of Enigma) and Achillea. The Gordon Brothers are responsible for discovering well-loved artists such as Gary Stadler and have produced albums for numerous artists, including Jaya Lakshmi, Everstar, Zingaia and Sophia.


It is David and Steve's ear for positive, culturally adventurous music, as well as their versatility and think-outside-the-box mentality that has made them the influential artists they are today, having grossed over 3 million units in sales worldwide. A recent N.A.R. survey listed the Gordon Brothers in the top 5 most popular artists as reported by new age music retailers, along with artists such as Enya and Loreena McKennitt, and several of their albums have charted in Billboard. Their music has been featured in a variety of films and television shows, including the Fox Searchlight feature Kissing Jessica Stein, comedy film The Parole Officer, the CBS Sports Xterra World Championship and more. The Gordon Brothers have recently completed Nirvana Groove, a global chill-out electronica album, and are currently recording an album of en-trancing meditation music featuring their collection of Tribal drums and Native American flutes.