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Your Destination for Rejuvenation

The Buddha Lounge series began in Europe on BSC Music under the guidance of Christoph Buhring-Uhle, where is quickly became a bestselling phenomenon due to it's seductive blend of downtempo electronica and world music made by some of the most creative artists and DJs from around the world. In 2001, David & Steve Gordon entered into a partnership with BSC Music to bring the series to the United States and released the first Buddha Lounge album here. It became such a big hit here that they have continued to release more in the series by choosing, compiling and mixing the the tracks themselves.

Because of their keen ear for finding just the right songs and creating sets the flow seamlessly from one song to the next, the Buddha Lounge series has become an even bigger success, with some releases charting on Billboard and winning awards such as the COVR Visionary Award and the NAR Lifestyle Music Award for Best Dance/Club album. Now in it's 6th release the series is more popular than ever and has become a trusted source of music for people looking for the very best in electronic music for chilling out.