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David & Steve Gordon wanted to create the most effective series of Binaural Beats music and solve some of the limitations they saw what was currently available.  So they teamed up with Richard Merrill of Songrest, one of the foremost researchers that studies neurological principles applied to music.

Binaural beats are tones of different frequencies that when embedded into music can stimulate your brain in many positive ways to improve your life.

By listening to binaural beats music you can fall asleep easier, meditate without effort, study and focus without distraction and much more.

Together they have created the next generation of Binaural Beats music that is far more advanced and has many advantages over previous techniques.

Headphone not required

Until David & Steve Gordon’s Binaural Beats Research series, you needed to use headphones in order for the tones to entrain your brain.

But through the additional of isochronic tones, mixed in the music using an exclusive process, the effect previously only achieved with headphones is now possible while listening to their Binaural Beats music with speakers.

No distracting unmusical tones

In order for Binaural Beats music to work, until now, the tones that were added to the music had to be mixed so loud that it made it difficult to enjoy the music.

For David & Steve Gordon’s Binaural Beats Research series, they used sound design software to embed the Binaural Beats in the music so it closely follows the exact waveform of the music. 

This means the Binaural Beats are always at exactly the right volume, in both loud and quiet passages of the music.

The result is that you can enjoy listening to the music without distracting tones getting in the way.

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