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Singer, composer and sonic innovator Alkimia (pronounce: al-ki-mia) has brought a rare mystical Aztec influence to ambient music and experimental vocal music. Alquimia hails from Mexico and has studied voice, piano, electronic music and composition. Her music derives from a highly varied career influenced by popular and ethnic music from around the world, particularly Mexican and Pre-Columbian. From avant-garde, medieval, classical rock and improvised music her albums feature her distinct and lucid voice accompanied by a vivid fusion of ambient, electronic, psychedelic, ritualistic and trance styles. Alquimia is truly a rare talent, a female multi-instrumentalist, a daring adventurer boldly delving into the diaphanous nether regions of new music between the avant-garde, experimental rock, and indigenous Central American music. She has subsequently developed her own unique sound, and above all, has effectively escaped all musical categories by combining disparate musical styles, fracturing the conventional standards of music and putting them into a completely new perspective - all this done with an astute sense of melodic structure and accessibility.

She currently divides her activities between composing, and recording, in both London and Mexico City, and performing in various countries throughout the world.

Rudiger Gleisberg

For over ten years the name Rudiger Gleisberg has been synonymous with outstanding creativity and extraordinarily impeccable instrumental music.

Born in 1963 Rudiger Gleisberg studied music and literature at the University Paderborn. Having studied classical guitar, he began playing in various rock bands while at school, then switching to keyboards, fascinated by the instrument's range of expression and sounds. His attraction to working with keyboards and synthesizers led to his developing a small recording studio, which has since expanded into a modern state-of-the-art digitally-equipped studio facility.

His first compositions were originally commissioned for various Theatre productions, and signaled the beginnings of the development of his now uniquely recognizable style - frequently heard in his original music for films, numerous solo releases and together with a number of various artists on an array of joint musical projects.

Gleisberg cites his musical influences as Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and the progressive rock of Yes and Genesis. His personal motto for life comes from an ancient Chinese proverb which states, "Better light a candle, instead of complaining about the darkness." He currently lives and works in Paderborn Germany.